Can Yoga Help With Snoring Problems?

Yoga helps with snoring

According to Wikipedia, Yoga is “a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India.”

Many people see Yoga as an activity that promotes wellness, healing, and meditation… though, to be completely honest, there is much more to the practice than we could ever hope to cover completely with one article.

Many people all over the world practice Yoga, and for a variety of different reasons.

But is it possible that Yoga could actually help with snoring?

The Basics: Can Yoga Really Help With Snoring?

So, there are a lot of people out there that see Yoga as a meditative exercise, and nothing more. On the opposite side of the token, there are also people out there who see Yoga as an almost spiritual practice that gives them access to an incredible amount of energy and healing potential.

The truth, of course, probably lies somewhere in the middle.

Yoga absolutely provides a huge range of healing benefits, and it can most definitely be used to help treat snoring.

It may not help everyone, of course… but it is certainly worth a try.

How Does Yoga Help With Snoring?

Yoga actually gives you two different avenues to help fix your snoring problem. And since they work together, you are actually getting a double-dose of a possible solution when you utilize them.

First of all, Yoga is an activity that will physically challenge you – and in so doing, will likely cause you to lose weight. This is a huge factor for fighting snoring in and of itself, so that is one benefit that Yoga can bring to the problem. (It will also decrease inflammation!)

But Yoga also incorporates a lot of breathing into its rituals and poses, and there are a lot of breathing exercises within Yoga that can actually do a lot to help you strengthen the right muscles and tissues, thus further reducing your odds of suffering from this very common, yet problematic sleeping disorder.

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What Types Of Yoga Poses Will Help?

We might be snoring experts – but we are not necessarily Yoga experts. So, to make full use of Yoga as a possible solution to your snoring problem, we would recommend that you visit a Yoga instructor and talk to them about the possibility of practicing the forms as a means of improving your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

But yet, with that being said, there are some general poses that you can look into that may help to get you off to a good start.

Yoga Poses for Snoring

Bhujangasan, also known as the Cobra Pose, can help you to open up the chest. It is also supposed to help you clear both the heart and the lungs, and is supposed to help improve circulation.

Dhanurasana, also known as the Bow Pose, can also help. This pose is said to help regulate breathing, and is said to open up the chest muscles, which will allow for deeper inhaling and exhaling.

Kapalbhati Pranayama, also known as the Skull Shining Breathing Technique, is also said to help… by cleansing the cranial sinuses, and helping to improve the quality of your sleep overall.

Tips For Getting Started With Yoga

If you are not yet a Yoga practitioner, then we would highly recommend that you at least give it a try. It may not end up being your ‘thing,’ but then again, you never know that until you give it a shot.

A lot of people are afraid to start because they are afraid that they will look silly, or because they’re afraid that they will be bad at it. But please don’t put off getting started if these are your primary concerns.

You can also use Yoga regardless of how old you are, what your body type is, or how much time you have. You can also do a lot of Yoga, or just a little bit everyday – you will still see benefits.

It can also be especially helpful for snoring, so we definitely recommend talking to a local Yoga instructor to find out more information.

Updated 8.12.2018


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