CPAP Clinic & myTAP Oral Appliance Review

CPAP Clinic & myTAP Oral Appliance
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What You Need to Know About

As you likely know, we review a lot of sleep aid and anti-snoring products on this page, and we are passionate about helping people in their search for sleep aids that will actually work to help deliver a better night’s sleep.

But it can be hard to find the right products sometimes, as the market is a large one. There are a lot of companies out there that claim to deliver the best products and deals. So how do you know who to trust?

Well, we scour the internet on a regular basis looking for the best companies and products, and review them for you (our readers). Hopefully, these reviews help you to gain valuable insight into whether or not certain products and companies will actually help you.

So what about CPAP Clinic?

If you have done much research about CPAP companies in Canada at all, then you have likely run across this site in the past. But is it a good store? Will they take care of you? Do they offer fair prices and good shipping options?

These are the types of questions we wanted to answer for ourselves and our readers.

And here is what we found.

CPAP Clinic: Product Classification & General Overview

This website is said to sell snoring solutions and Sleep Apnea treatment products. They carry stop snoring products, CPAP Masks, CPAP Machines, accessories, and more.

As far as their Stop Snoring products go, they carry an assortment of options, ranging from Chin Straps, to Positional Snoring Remedies, to Oral Appliances, to Snore Seals, etc. They also, obviously, carry CPAP gear… pretty much anything you could possibly need.

They are, to put it simply, an E-commerce store… and at first glance, they seem to carry quite a few options that could be of value to someone who is interested in a stop snoring product. They even have some good information posted on the site.

How Is Their Selection?

We took a look at their product selection, to see if we could find anything recognizable. We were happy to see that they offer what appears to be a quality Premium Chin Strap from Philips Respironics, for $38.50, as well as a myTAP Oral Appliance (an MAD) from Airway Management for $199.00. Even we have to admit that their price on the oral appliance was quite high. But still, it seems like a quality product.

They also carry the Mute Nasal Device products, and a few other odds and ends that we found interesting.

MyTap oral appliance samples

Our favorite product on-offer that we could find on the site was the MyTap Oral Appliance, which utilizes an interesting technology called ‘TAP’ technology. This is said to be clinically proven in 32 different, independent, peer-reviewed studies.

So that is pretty awesome. Let’s take a closer look at it.

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MyTAP Oral Appliance: Clinical Background and FDA Approval

As stated above, this device uses technology that is said to be clinically proven in 32 different peer-reviewed studies, though we do not see any indication that it is FDA Approved.

But, it can be custom-fitted in just 15 minutes, and can be remolded and refitted as needed—which eliminates the need for you to pursue further appointments or to buy more products once you purchase it, even if you mold it and it doesn’t quite fit right the first time.

How myTAP Oral Appliance works

It is also intended to treat not just snoring, but also Sleep Apnea. We also love that this product is adjustable, which makes it much more likely to work in a much broader range of applications.

Can There Be Any Side Effects?

We researched the device online, but didn’t really find any notable side effect information. By all accounts, it seems to be a pretty good device (if a bit on the expensive side) that may take a bit of getting used-to… but for the most part, seems to have a good reputation.

How Much Does the MyTAP Oral Appliance Cost?

This device will cost you $199.00 on the CPAP Clinic Website. This is quite a bit more than most mandibular advancement devices cost online. But to be fair, this one is actually really well-made. It is also adjustable, but the way that they handle the adjustment settings is very in-depth. It really is a fancy device, and certainly worth the money (in our opinion) if you are looking for something state-of-the-art that you can still mold and fit at home.

What Do We Know About the CPAP Clinic Company?

Screenshot of CPAP Clinic websiteThis company seems to have at least two different locations, though the predominant location seems to be here:

6200 Dixie Rd., Unit #102 Mississauga, ON, L5T 2E1

You can also contact them by phone at 1-877-430-CPAP (2727). Or, you can contact them online via their E-contact form at any point in the day, 24/7.

CPAP Clinic offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on specific products on their website (mostly CPAP masks), and all products marked with their guarantee icon fall under the terms of the guarantee. Under the terms of this guarantee, you can return products marked with the icon within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund, minus the shipping cost.

Granted, not every product on the site is covered by this guarantee, but at least they do offer it on some products… and we were happy to see that it is easy to figure out which products are covered.

So yeah. All things considered, this is certainly an upside.

Thus far, we have found no reason to suspect that this company, or any of their products, are in any way any sort of a scam. This company definitely seems legitimate, and they seem to offer a lot of value for the cost.

What Can Users Expect From the MyTap Oral Appliance?

As with any oral appliance of this type, it may take some time for you to get used to it. These types of devices can cause the jaw to be a little bit sore if you have never used one before, so that is something that you may have to deal with at first.

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Does This Product Require A Doctor’s Involvement or a Prescription?

No. The MyTap Oral Appliance certainly does not require a doctor’s involvement or a prescription to order or use. You can order it in Canada right on

Our Verdict

myTAP deviceCPAP Clinic does offer some pretty good products—but we did find ourselves wishing that they carried more options within categories. They seem to have ‘one of most things,’ but not multiple different brands/types of most things.

For example, there are literally dozens of MADs on the market, and many tongue stabilization devices. And yet, this site carries only one MAD, and no TSDs.

We really like the fact that the company offers free shipping. We also really like that they offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on several of their products. They are also a pretty awesome company for sourcing CPAP equipment in-general.

But when it comes to stop-snoring devices, we found them to be just a little bit lacking. There are even categories of products not recognized in their store, and we found that to be a shame.

Overall, we would recommend this store as a stopping point if you live in Canada, especially if you are looking for CPAP equipment or wish to browse their anti-snoring products… but there is a LOT of stuff out there that you will not find here, so it is also a good idea to look elsewhere, just to make sure that you end up with the product that suits your needs the most.

What Are the Costs to Get Products Shipped to Canada?

Getting products shipped within Canada from this website is actually free, which is pretty cool.

Where Can I Buy The MyTap Oral Appliance If I Live In Canada?

The best place to buy this product, if you live in Canada, is from

Highlights & Drawbacks

Here are the pros and cons that we discovered while reading about this online anti-snoring/sleep aid store.

Updated 3.12.2018



  • They carry some pretty cool products
  • They have a decent selection
  • The products that they carry seem well-made
  • They offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on some of their items
  • They offer free delivery


  • Their selection is quite limited when you look at the vast array of products available online
  • They only offer one type of MAD, and they do not seem to carry any TSD products
  • They only provide a satisfaction guarantee on some items
  • The website itself seems a bit dated, and could be better-designed for mobile use
  • The site is also a little bit glitchy at times

CPAP Clinic & myTAP Oral Appliance

Summary: CPAP Clinic website may need a face-lift but when it comes to our selected product from this store, MyTap oral appliance seems to be a solid product. The only downside is the price but other than that this is a quality appliance.

RatingRated 3 stars

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