Josh SigafusJoshua Sigafus has lived in the Midwestern United States for the majority of his life. He has always been interested in writing, though he is also an avid songwriter, producer, and photographer. He started his professional freelancing career in 2009, after realizing that his former occupation (residential construction/carpentry) did not line up with his passion for being an entrepreneur and an artist.

Joshua started his freelancing career writing content, but has since found a niche for himself in the health and wellness market. He is as passionate about healthy living and fitness as he is about writing, is an enthusiastic gym-goer, and is also a firm believer in the power of a clean and healthy diet.

Joshua is now a decade into his writing career—and has written over 2.5 million words since sitting down to write that first article back in 2009. He has written for dozens of online publications, and has crafted website copy for clients from all over the world.

In chasing his passion as a writer, Josh has also learned how powerful a decent night’s sleep can be. He realizes that the quality of a person’s sleep can literally make (or break) their success in the gym, in business, and even in their relationships… which is why he passionately writes for He believes in writing to make a positive difference in the world, and that is the daily mantra that guides him as he works.

In his spare time, Joshua likes to pursue his other business projects. He also enjoys making music in his home studio, practicing his photography, and biking outdoors.

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