Kelly and DaveBiography

Kelly spent most of her adult life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Now living in Eastern Canada, Kelly had to learn how long and cold winters are a great time to binge watch Netflix shows. She has also gained some unique Canadian-isms such as: “Eh?”, “Sorry,” and that “Loonies & Toonies” pay for a “Double Double.”

After a life-changing concussion in 2013, Kelly began crafting her professional freelancing career as a researcher and writer. This change has allowed for an extensive and varied portfolio, and her clients range geographically from Canada, the USA, Germany, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Norway, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Kelly believes in helping people and businesses achieve their goals, and she has a special love for not-for-profit organizations. When not working at her computer, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, going on drives, and planning the next family trip. She also enjoys giving back to her community and finding loving families for homeless pets.

Kelly has an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Community Services and hopes to complete her Master’s Degree in Psychology. She lives at home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with her husband, an adult son, two teenage daughters, and various furry critters.

You can find Kelly on LinkedIn.