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What You Need To Know About is a website that is dedicated to a pretty decent selection of products, all intended to help you sleep better. We recently took a look at the site, because we are all about helping our readers to get a better night’s sleep. We wanted to know if can really offer anything of value.

The actual product that we went looking for on the website was the MyPillow Premium… but with that being said, there were also a lot of other different types of products to look at as well.

There were pillow bundles, mattress toppers, sheet sets, travel pillows, mattresses… and even pet beds! So to truly get an idea of what this site had to offer, you would have to pay it a visit yourself. But in this review, we are going to focus more specifically on the MyPillow Premium. PS, we will upload our video review when it’s ready.

Does it work? Is it overpriced? What kind of guarantee does it come with?

These are all questions that we wanted answers for.

So let’s get started.

MyPillow Premium: Product Classification & Instructions For Use

The MyPillow Premium is a sleep aid product that is said by the company to be ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow.’ It is machine washable, is designed to help you achieve a better quality of sleep, and is super simple to use. Unlike other pillows, that do require specific instructions for use… you simply use the MyPillow Premium as you would any other pillow.

MyPillow Premium sample

With that being said, there are some machine-washing instructions that you should follow, just to give your pillow the best lifespan possible, so make sure that you follow the instructions that it comes with if you end up buying it.

How Does The MyPillow Premium Work?

This pillow works by adjusting, on its own, to your exact individual needs as a sleeper. It is made to support your head and neck in such a way that you could feasibly lay on it however is the most comfortable to you… and it would confirm as-needed to your body to provide the perfect support.

It would also accomplish this without breaking down or flattening out… which is really important!

It also provides cooling support to help prevent heat build-up while you sleep, which is also an important element of getting a quality rest. Maintaining cooler temperatures helps our bodies to rest better, and this pillow can help to accomplish this.

How Is It Made?

According to the official product website, the MyPillow premium is made with the company’s ‘patented interlocking fill.’

How MyPillow is made

This is supposed to be how the pillow can support your head and neck in any situation, regardless of how you lay on it.

Does The MyPillow Premium Come In Different Sizes?

Yes. This pillow actually comes in two different sizes, and four different fill levels, which are color coded. They range from yellow, to white, to green, to blue.

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MyPillow sizes

The actual sizes of the pillows available are a standard/queen size, and a king size. There is actually a handy size chart right on the website, which you can use to figure out the perfect fill level for your ideal pillow.

What Kind Of Support Does The MyPillow Premium Provide?

This pillow provides complete support for your head, neck, and shoulders… though you can also buy smaller sizes to stick under your back, between your legs, etc. This is a pretty typical, conventionally-shaped pillow—which means that it can be used for about any purpose that any other typical pillow could be used for.

The only difference is that it is supposed to do a much, much better job, based on how it is designed and built.

How Much Does The MyPillow Premium Cost?

It will cost you $79.98 to buy this pillow on the official product website (make this $89.98 for the King Size). This might seem expensive, especially when you can buy pillows at local chain retail stores for $10 or less in some cases.

But keep in mind that these pillows are specifically designed for maximum comfort and to keep from breaking down. So in this sense, they are certainly worth it.

Even we will admit that this seems a bit on the expensive side… but still, for a pillow that is actually going to provide you with comfort and last for a long time, it is more than worth it.

What Do We Know About The Company Behind

Here is a list of email addresses and phone numbers that you can use to contact…

Order Now - 1-800-544-8939

Customer Service - 1-800-308-1299


The inventor and manufacturer of the MyPillow Company and the products that it sells is a man by the name of Mike Lindell. He started the company years ago when he became very frustrated at the usual ‘flat’ pillows offered on the market.

These pillows not only come with an awesome 60 day money back guarantee… but an amazing 10 year warranty! We love both aspects of these guarantee, and were very pleased with it. For a pillow like this, having a good guarantee really seals the deal and helps to drive up the value above the cost.
No, we didn’t find any scam complaints in our research. In fact, we found quite a few positive reviews. By all accounts, seems to be a reputable company with a lot of happy, satisfied customers. Yes, their products might be a bit expensive when you compare them to what you can get locally… but they are very high in quality!

What Can Users Expect From Products?

As a general rule, you can expect to find pillows and other sleep-aid products that are literally above and beyond almost anything that you could buy in local chain stores.

Many people might ask if the products are really worth the extra cost… and to this, we have to respond with a ‘yes.’ Granted, even we would like to see some lower prices. But when you consider everything that you are getting for the money, these products really seem to drive the value upward. Consumer reviews talk for themselves.

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MyPillow user reviews

Who Should Buy The MyPillow Premium?

If you are in need of a pillow that will last longer and give you overall better support than ‘normal’ pillows that you have access to now, then you would probably stand to benefit from purchasing a pillow from You could also benefit from these pillows if you are tired of having to replace your regular pillows every few months.


Our Verdict offers a lot of value. And yes, their prices may be a bit high… but when you take into account what you are actually getting, we didn’t feel that they were TOO high.

Having quality pillows is important… and the MyPillow Premium is one of the best products that has to offer. These pillows are created using technology that will help them to stay fuller for longer, while also helping to keep you cool while you sleep—and trust us when we say that these are no small feats.

MyPillow Premium

Their products are also made in the USA, and can be machine washed. Plus, our favorite pillow in their store comes with a pretty awesome 10 year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee—so you can be sure that you won’t be wasting your money with this product.

Our Video Review

This is not just a pillow. This is a long-term investment in your quality of rest. And when you put things into that perspective, the prices really don’t seem that high—and that is probably what we like the most about it.

The Costs To Get Products Shipped To Canada

One of the downsides to this site was that it was almost impossible to figure out what shipping would be (at least as far as we could tell) until you actually paid for your order. So that is kind of a downside.

Where Can I Buy MyPillow Products If I Live In Canada?

The best place to buy these products is from the official product website.

Highlights And Drawbacks

Here are the basic pros and cons that we have discovered about these products over the course of our research…

Updated 6.12.2018



  • They last a long time
  • They are high quality
  • They come with a 10 year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee
  • They come in four different fill levels and two different sizes
  • They will help to provide you with a better quality of rest


  • They are a little bit on the expensive side
  • It is a bit difficult to find out what shipping is going to cost you, based on your location


Summary: If there’s anything we can vouch for then it’s MyPillow Premium. It’s a super comfy pillow and should last way longer than a typical pillow you are probably using so we do recommend it.

RatingRated 4.5 stars

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