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What You Need To Know About PureSleep

PureSleep is a stop snoring mouthpiece made by The Pure Sleep Company. It is advertised as an FDA-cleared device that is made in the USA. It was also said to be developed/invented by a dentist with a snoring problem.

This is one of those companies that lets you try their product for free for 30 days before you pay… but to be super honest, we tend to be a bit skeptical of these types of offers. It’s also supposed to have a super good BBB rating… so we were pretty interested in looking into all of this.

We did quite a bit of research, and have compiled it all here for our readers to look over. Here is all of the information that we discovered when writing PureSleep review.

PureSleep Classification & Instructions For Use

The PureSleep is most definitely a mandibular advancement device, or MAD.

As for instructions for use, the official product website seems to describe them like this…

‘Just boil, bite and sleep.’

This seems to be a reference to the fact that this is a boil-and-bite device that you can custom-fit upon receiving it. We actually really like this, for a few different reasons. Being able to custom fit your MAD at home helps you to have more direct control over your experience. It also ensures that the device is going to fit better in the long run, which will help to cut back on jaw fatigue.

And obviously, it will just help to ensure that the mouthpiece will also work better.

How Does PureSleep Work?

PureSleep is supposed to work like any other MAD. Basically, you put it into your mouth while you are sleeping, and you wear it (after custom fitting it, of course) over the course of the entire night. What these devices are intended to do is to provide a slight bit of jaw advancement.

This means that they keep your lower jaw pulled slightly forward, and hold it there as you rest.

PureSleep mouthpiece

This helps by opening up the upper airway, and creating more room for the air to move through your throat. Snoring most commonly happens when your throat muscles/tissues relax and ‘collapse in’ during sleep… which is exactly what devices like the PureSleep are designed to help you avoid.

Because when you sleep with your lower jaw advanced like this, it will pull on the airway and keep the muscles/tissues from being so ‘loose.’ This will, in turn, prevent soft palate vibration, which is the root cause of the majority of cases of snoring.

PureSleep: Clinical Background And FDA Approval

On the official product website, PureSleep says that its product is FDA cleared. In fact, in the FAQ section, it describes PureSleep as a ‘Class 2 medical device,’ which means that you need a prescription to purchase it in the US. Thankfully, though, you can fill out a questionnaire on the official site at checkout to get that prescription.

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As far as clinical evidence is concerned, it does not seem like the PureSleep itself has been tested… but on the official product website, they do link to an entire list of studies about MADs in-general. Here is a link to these articles, so that you can check them out on your own time: https://puresleep.com/s30/resource.php.

Can There Be Any Side Effects?

MADs can, from time to time, cause some minor side effects. These may include a sore jaw, drooling during sleep, a dry mouth, and other similar problems. It is pretty well-known, however, that these types of side-effects seem to go away after time.

But for the most part, for the majority of users, mouth pieces like this do not cause any side effects.

How Much Does PureSleep Cost?

So, PureSleep is one of these companies that offers to let customers ‘try the product for free.’ Here is how it works.

When you order the PureSleep, you only have to pay $9.95 to cover shipping and handling charges. Then, you get to try it for 30 days to see if you like it. The idea is that if you don’t end up liking it, you can just cancel the order and send it back without having to pay anything extra.

But if you like it, you keep it… and your account gets charged the remaining amount for the device (which is $59.90).

But… with that being said, these types of situations can be a little weird. For one, some people fail to understand what they are agreeing to, and might end up getting charged without realizing what the details of the trial offer were.

Still others can sometimes find deals like this difficult to cancel or get out of, and may get their card charged by failing to act soon enough, or by failing to take the right steps before the offer is over.

In any case, we do not have any reason to see PureSleep as a ‘shady’ company, but we still do see these types of offers as ‘gimmicky,’ at best. We feel that this is a ploy to get people to order more products, and feel that it may be too confusing for the average consumer to really understand fully… which can lead to problems.

So yeah. The price on the product isn’t too bad, but we were not super crazy about how they orchestrate their ‘trial offers.’

What Do We Know About The Company Behind PureSleep?

Screenshot of PureSleep websiteAccording to the official product website, the PureSleep was developed by a dentist/inventor who used to snore. He said it took years to perfect the design, but that he is confident that it will work for snorers.

As far as an official address for the company goes, here is what was listed as the corporate address:

The Pure Sleep Company 900 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 207, Larkspur, CA 94939

You get 30 days to decide if you want to keep the PureSleep. If you want to avoid paying in-full for it, then you must return it before this time is up.
There are a few negative complains on the BBB page for the PureSleep company. But we did not feel that there were enough of these complaints in circulation to qualify this company as a scam. We absolutely feel like this is a legitimate company. We are not a huge fan of their trial offer plan and how it works, but this site is not a scam.

What Can Users Expect From The PureSleep?

Users will obviously need to boil and bite the device to fit it before use. After that, they can expect to have to use it every night if they wish to see the benefits. The mouthpieces themselves are supposed to last anywhere from 6 months to a year. It all depends on how much wear and tear they acquire over that time. See what customers from Amazon say about this device.

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PureSleep consumer reviews

Does PureSleep Require A Doctor’s Involvement Or A Prescription?

Yes, though all of this can be handled through the questionnaire provided on the official website.

Our Verdict

PureSleep device sampleIn the end, we were relatively pleased with the PureSleep. But it does come with some drawbacks.

We are not a big fan of the trial offer system at all. In fact, this makes us nervous enough that we would almost avoid the product because of this. It is just too easy for something to go wrong, and for your card to get charged anyway… and as far as we are concerned, this is just too much ‘risk.’

We do like that the PureSleep is FDA cleared. We also like that you can get a prescription right on the site.

We also feel like PureSleep is not a bad MAD. If you need an MAD and don’t mind dealing with the trial offer, then this one is FDA cleared and authorized to treat snoring… and that gives it a pretty big boost in confidence from us.

The Costs To Get The PureSleep Shipped To Canada

It will cost you $9.95 to get this product shipped to you.

Where Can I Buy PureSleep If I Live In Canada?

The best place to order this product is on the official product website.

To see our favorite stop-snoring devices see this page.

Highlights And Drawbacks

Here are the pros and cons of the product, as we saw them, after our research.

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  • We liked the product and feel that it would work for most snorers
  • It comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee/trial period
  • It is FDA cleared and made from quality materials
  • It is not that expensive when you compare it to some other products
  • You do need a prescription – but you can get one right on the official website


  • There is no direct clinical evidence to support this specific product
  • We feel like the trial-offer is a bit ‘gimmicky’ in how it works
  • It may not work for everyone


Summary: When it comes to the actual product, PureSleep is a decent device but it’s the Free Trial part that we dislike the most due to us understanding how such trials usually work.

FREE TRIAL to $69.85
RatingRated 3 stars

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