7 Reasons Not to Pay $20,000 for a Bed Designed to Stop Snoring

Stop snoring bed that costs $20,000

Every year, there are new, innovative snoring solutions introduced into the market. One new option is a $20,000 smart bed designed to stop snoring from Magniflex, an Italian mattress company. The company has already sold 25 mattresses in Europe, and snorers in the United States will soon be able to buy them.

In some ways, the Magniflex mattress is similar to the Sleep Number, which lets you adjust your side of the bed without disturbing your partner. Unlike the Sleep Number, though, the Magniflex mattress adjusts automatically, so you don’t have to wake up and search for the controller whenever you want to raise or lower your bed. The mattress contains a small microphone, and you can turn on the monitoring function before you go to sleep. When the microphone picks up on snoring sounds, it raises that side of the bed.

This is how Sleep Number bed looks

Snoring happens when the tissues at the back of your mouth and throat collapse and vibrate as you breathe in and out. Lying flat on your back puts extra pressure on your throat, so it increases your chances of snoring. The Magniflex bed stops snoring by elevating your head, which will relieve some of the pressure on your throat and open up your airway.

While this bed may be an effective treatment for some snorers, spending $20,000 to stop snoring seems absurd. There are lots of other snoring treatments that are cheaper and easier, and they don’t require you to assemble and adjust to a new bed. Here are seven reasons not to buy this $20,000 bed designed to stop snoring:

1. It Might Not Work For Everyone

This anti-snoring mattress targets the main cause of snoring for most people, but there’s no guarantee that it will work for you. Some people snore even when their heads are elevated, so this mattress won’t work for them. You shouldn’t risk spending $20,000 on a bed just to discover that it doesn’t actually fix your snoring problem and there’s no way to actually test this bed.

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2. You Can’t Take a Bed With You When You Travel — Or, Perhaps You Can? 🙂

Even if the mattress is the perfect anti-snoring treatment for you, you’ll be in trouble whenever you can’t sleep in your own bed. Many anti-snoring devices are easily portable, but you can’t pack up your bed and take it with you on a vacation or a business trip.

3. A Much Cheaper Pillow Works the Same Way

Wedge pillow which may help you stop snoring

If propping your head up alleviates your snoring, you can accomplish this with a wedge pillow. These pillows are designed to comfortably elevate your head to prevent snoring, acid reflux, congestion, and other issues that worsen when you lie flat on your back. You can buy a basic wedge pillow for under $50, and you can buy a high-quality one for under $200.

You can even buy a pillow that raises and lowers your head while you sleep, just like the anti-snoring mattress. The Smart Nora pillow comes with a device that picks up on your snoring, then sends a signal to the pillow to inflate, which will lift up your head. This creates the same effect as the mattress, but it costs $300 instead of $20,000.

See what type of wedge pillows you can buy on Amazon.

4. You May Be Able to Stop Snoring For Free

Sometimes, simple lifestyle changes are all you need to stop snoring. For example, many people cure their snoring problem by sleeping on their side instead of on their back. Other changes like losing weight, avoiding alcohol before bed, and clearing your room of dust and allergens can also make a big difference, and they’re completely free.

5. You Can Use a Tongue Retaining Device

A tongue retaining device is a small piece of plastic that closes over your tongue and pulls it forward. This prevents your tongue from blocking your airway as you sleep. Most people find that the device is easy to adjust to after a few nights. It’s easily portable, it doesn’t need to be fitted by a professional, and it’s inexpensive.

6. You Can Use a Mandibular Advancement Device

AirSnore Sample

A mandibular advancement device looks like a mouth guard, but it’s designed to hold your jaw forward while you sleep. This opens up your airway and prevents the tissues in the back of your mouth from vibrating as you breathe. Like tongue retaining devices, these devices are also easy to adjust to and easy to carry around.

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7. You Can Use an Anti-snoring Chin Strap

Anti-snoring chin straps are typically the cheapest anti-snoring device, but some people have had great success with them. When you breathe through your mouth while you sleep, you’re much more likely to snore because the air travels directly over the tissues in the back of your mouth. A chin strap wraps around your head and holds your jaw closed, which will stop your mouth from opening as you sleep.

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