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What You Need To Know About SnoreMeds

SnoreMeds is a stop snoring product that was designed to help treat soft-palate vibration and upper-airway snoring, which are the most common causes of snoring in most people.

There are a lot of these types of devices available nowadays, mostly because snoring is a definite problem. And if you don’t get it taken care of, you could end up facing longer-term health problems later on as a result.

Some people with snoring problems are also unknowingly suffering from Sleep Apnea, which is much worse – though this product is not technically supposed to be used to treat OSA (some products very similar to it are though, so that is a thing).

SnoreMeds is a bit unique because they actually make two different mouthpieces. They make one for women, and one for men… both of which are slightly different sizes. This is actually pretty cool, because men and women do tend to have slightly different jaw sizes.

So kudos to SnoreMeds for going the extra mile to do this.

Beyond this, it was created using pretty standard technology for devices like it.

But how does it measure up to the competition? Here is what you need to know.

SnoreMeds Product Classification & Instructions For Use

SnoreMeds is a classic example of a mandibular advancement device, or MAD. This type of device works using a very specific type of mechanism to accomplish its goal, and SnoreMeds fits right into this category.

SnoreMeds mouthpiece

As for instructions for use, you will have to use the SnoreMed every night to see the benefits. But before you even use it, you will need to fit it using boil and bite technology. The official product website actually hosts a really cool video on how to do this. It is a pretty simple five-step process, but basically consists of you boiling the device and then biting down on it to fit it.

Once this is done, you can comfortably wear it while you are sleeping.

You can even remold the device up to one-time if you don’t get it right the first time, which is pretty awesome.

How Does SnoreMeds Work?

SnoreMeds works very similarly to how other MADs work. You fit it, and then place it in your mouth… and wear it during sleep. When it is worn, it advances your lower jaw forward very slightly. This creates a little bit of room in the back of the upper airway, and helps to eliminate the root cause of soft palate vibration.

Hot to fit SnoreMeds

SnoreMeds: Clinical Background And FDA Approval

On the official company FAQ, it says that you have an 85% chance that the anti-snoring mouthpiece will work for you.’ It also says that SnoreMeds is manufactured using an FDA approved hypoallergenic thermoplastic. The mouthpieces are BPA and latex free, and are said to be ‘approved for medical dental use.’

We did not see any direct links to any specific clinical research involving the SnoreMeds device. Also, it seems that the device is made of FDA approved materials… but that it, itself, is necessarily FDA cleared for the treatment of any diseases or conditions.

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This is not a big deal, though. Most stop-snoring products are not necessarily FDA cleared medical devices. But it is something to note.

Can There Be Any Side Effects?

According to the official website, the SnoreMeds device is usually very well tolerated with no side effects. But if side effects do present themselves, they usually take the form of hyper-salivation and general, minor discomfort the morning after wearing the device.

How Much Does SnoreMeds Cost?

The SnoreMed costs $46.95 to buy just one mouthpiece… though you can also buy packages that contain multiple mouthpieces, and get slightly better prices that way. You also get free shipping if you live within the United States. But for Canadian customers, it can be expected that you will have an extra 2-4 days added to your shipping time. You will also need to pay an extra $16.48 in shipping charges.

What Do We Know About The Company Behind SnoreMeds?

Here is the address and contact information provided by the company on their official website.

Screenshot of SnoreMeds website616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-5109

Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Tel: +27 825504140

As far as a company history goes, we were not able to learn a lot from the website. We always like to know at least as much as we can about the company before doing business with them… so we were a tiny bit disappointed that this information was, at least, not made super-apparent on their website.

But… this is, once again, kind of a small detail.

SnoreMeds offers a 45 day money back guarantee on both single and double packs of their product. This is a pretty good guarantee, as there are a lot of companies that only offer 30 days.

With that being said, they do exclude the shipping charges from the refund… so that is a thing. But at least you will not be out the entire cost of the device if you use it and decide that it is not for you.

We have not heard any scam complaints for this product. In fact, we know that SnoreMeds is not a scam, mostly because we have actually tried it. It may not necessarily work for everyone who tries it - but it is definitely not a scam.

What Can Users Expect If They Try SnoreMeds?

Using a mandibular advancement device like this can take a little bit of getting-used-to, because having a mouth-piece in your mouth while you are trying to sleep can definitely throw you off if you’ve never used one.

If you do try the SnoreMed and it doesn’t stop you from breathing, then you are supposed to re-mold it one more time, with your jaw held slightly more forward than it was before. Apparently, the most common problem with the device is that it does not get molded properly the first time… which would cause it to fail.

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The product is said to last up to a year… though it is recommended that you switch it out every 4 months.

Does SnoreMed Require A Doctor’s Involvement Or A Prescription?

No. You can order SnoreMeds without a prescription or a doctor’s approval. You can order it straight off of the company’s website and start using it on your own.

Our Verdict

To be honest, we liked this product. Granted, it has its downsides – but all things considered, SnoreMeds does a lot of things right. We really like how they have two different sizes… one for men and one for women… and we also like how they make the product out of FDA approved materials.

Granted, it doesn’t look like the device itself is FDA approved… but that is also not necessarily a requirement.

We also like how it has a 45 day money back guarantee. We do wish that shipping was cheaper for those of us living in Canada… but that is just a detail that you may have to deal with if you wish to place an order.

The bottom line is that this does seem to be a well-made product. We have tried this one in-person, and were quite impressed by it.

So if you’re looking for a stop snoring device and don’t want to spend a ton of money on a device that will not have a decent shot at solving your problem, then SnoreMeds may be an awesome option for you!

The Costs To Get SnoreMeds Shipped To Canada

You can buy SnoreMeds online for $46.95 USD, though it will cost you an extra $16.48 to get it shipped to a Canadian address. It ships free within the US, so we were a little bit miffed at this extra shipping charge.

Also, if you use the 45 day money back guarantee, shipping charges are not refunded… so that will be money that you will not get back if the product does not work for you.

We feel that this is a good product… but we do wish that we could get better shipping prices to Canada.

Where Can I Buy SnoreMeds If I Live In Canada?

The best place to buy this product is still on the official SnoreMeds website.

Updated 8.12.2018



  • It seems to be effective for most customers
  • Uses boil and bite technology to achieve a good fit
  • Comes with a 45 day money back guarantee
  • It comes in two sizes… one for ladies, and one for gentlemen
  • Can be molded twice… so if you don’t get it fitted right the first time, you can try it again


  • Relatively expensive
  • Even more expensive (due to shipping) if you live in Canada
  • Does not work for everyone
  • Can be a bit difficult to get used to


Summary: It is safe to say that SnoreMeds is the most affordable and trusted from the mandibular advancement device range options.

$$46.95 to $$94.95
RatingRated 4 stars

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