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What You Need To Know About The VitalSleep Product

VitalSleep is a product that has supposedly helped hundreds of thousands of snorers. It is an anti-snoring mouth guard that is said to help treat snoring from the very first night of use, give you a more restful, quiet sleep, and even improve your relationship with your partner by making it easier to sleep together if one of you snores!

We were also quite impressed to learn that this device comes in two sizes… a larger size for men, and a smaller size for women. It is also adjustable – which is not something that a lot of stop snoring devices can offer.

But… does it really work?

Also, does it offer real value for the cost?

This is what we were determined to find out… so we took a look and did some research, and here is what we figured out.

VitalSleep Product Classification & Instructions For Use

This product most certainly falls into the mandibular advancement device category, which technically makes it an MAD.

As for instructions for use… the first thing that you need to do is to fit the device.

VitalSleep DeviceThe product works very similarly to many other MADs in the sense that you need to boil it and then bite down on it to fit it.

This causes it to form perfectly to your jaw and teeth, which helps you to be more comfortable while wearing it. It also helps to hold the mouth guard in place during sleep.

Obviously, the process of fitting is a bit more complex than just boiling and biting, so it is important that you thoroughly read the instructions before doing this.

After fitting it, you also need to adjust it. One of the great and very unique things about VitalSleep is that it is also adjustable… which means that you can actually set and/or change the amount of jaw advancement that you get from the device while wearing it. This is done by using a small hex tool that comes included with the product.

We really like this feature, because it greatly increases the chances of the device being able to work long-term.

How Does VitalSleep Work?

VitalSleep works by slightly advancing the lower jaw during sleep. This, in turn, opens up the airway and makes it easier for the person to breathe while they are resting. Soft palate vibration is a common source for snoring problems, and it happens when the airway becomes too constricted during sleep.

How VitalSleep Works

So, using the VitalSleep, you can effectively open up your upper airway and keep it that way while you sleep. You can even use the adjustments on the device to increase or decrease the level of advancement – which is pretty cool.

This allows you to create as much room as you need… and hopefully, this will be enough to stop your snoring problems in their tracks.

VitalSleep Clinical Background And FDA Approval

On the official product website, they say that this product helps 88% of users, which is pretty awesome. The VitalSleep has been cleared by the FDA to reduce snoring, and it is also made of FDA approved, non-toxic, medical grade materials.

As for clinical studies, we searched the site for quite a while to see what we could find… but did not end up coming up with anything. It seems like this product would have been required to go through some sort of clinical study in order to make it to a place where it was FDA approved… but if so, we did not see evidence of this on the main website.

We always like to see evidence, of course… so this was a little bit of a downside.

Can There Be Any Side Effects?

The say that a little bit of mild discomfort or pain is normal after the first few nights of use, but that it should go away soon thereafter as your mouth gets used to the device.

Aside from this, it would seem that the only real side effect risks involved in using the product are the usual ones associated with MADs… increased salivation and a period of time in which you need to get used to using the product.

How Much Does VitalSleep Cost?

At the moment, you can buy VitalSleep on the official website for $69.95 USD, or you can buy 2 of them for $99.95. This is actually a pretty good price, and is cheaper than some comparable devices that we’ve reviewed. This is actually even cheaper than some MADs that are not FDA cleared!

Be aware though, that for people ordering the product to Canada, there is an extra cost associated with shipping. It will cost you $9.95 to get it shipped via USPS International Airmail.

What About Maintenance And Replacement?

For maintenance, you need to clean the VitalSleep before and after each use. As far as replacements go, these devices are said to be very durable and are built to last for up to 2 years, or perhaps even longer.

In fact, they will replace your device free of charge, for any reason, if something happens to it within the first year that warrants you needing a new one. They will also let you exchange it for free if you get the wrong size.

What Do We Know About The Company Behind VitalSleep?

Screenshot of VitaSleep WebsiteThe company is called The Snore Reliever Company, LLC, and they have been in business for over 7 years. They are currently located in New York, USA.

Here is their address…

The Snore Reliever Company, LLC, 347 5th Avenue, Suite 1402-148, New York, NY 10016

VitalSleep has gone one step further than most of the anti-snoring mouthpiece manufacturers and created a special voucher code for Canadian customers. You can use our 'SNORINGCANADA' coupon code to get VitalSleep shipped to Canad for FREE. So use the code and SAVE on shipping costs!

VitalSleep gives you a 60 day money back guarantee when you order their product… and it starts on the day you receive your order. They will also replace your mouthpiece at any point during the first year, for any reason, if you have problems with it… which is awesome.
We did not find anything that led us to believe that this site is a scam, in any way. This company has been in business for a long time, and truly has helped hundreds of thousands of customers. Their product may not work in every single case, but you will not have to worry about being scamm

What Can Users Expect When Using The VitalSleep?

You can expect to have to fit it and adjust it before you use it. And after this, you can expect for it to feel a bit uncomfortable until you really get used to it. This could take up to a week, from the sound of it.

Does VitalSleep Require A Doctor’s Involvement Or A Prescription?

No. VitalSleep can be ordered by anyone off of the official product website.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, this device is one of the better deals on the market. Here is why.

First, it is less expensive than a lot of other MADs. Secondly, it is FDA cleared. Thirdly, it comes with an awesome replacement plan and money back guarantee. A lot of devices are supposed to be replaced once a year, if not more often. But this device will last up to 2 years.

So the value is really hard to beat with the VitalSleep.

Plus, it seems to work a lot of the time. You can also adjust it yourself, which is awesome.

We really liked this product, and would seriously recommend checking it out if you are interested in a mandibular advancement device. This product seems very well done and packs in a lot of value for the cost.

The Costs To Get The VitalSleep Shipped To Canada

It will cost you an extra $9.95 to get the VitalSleep shipped to Canada. This is one of the downsides to the product… that it costs more to ship outside of the US. But… it isn’t that much more, and the device really is less expensive all the way around. So in the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t that big of a deal.

Where Can I Buy VitalSleep If I Live In Canada?

The only place to buy this product is on the official VitalSleep website.

Don’t forget that you can SAVE $9.95 by removing SHIPPING cost if you use ‘SNORINGCANADA‘ discount code.

Updated 7.12.2018



  • Reasonably priced
  • Seems to work very well
  • Seems well-made and durable
  • Excellent 60 day money back guarantee and 1 year replacement
  • Can be adjusted for the perfect amount of advancement


  • Does not work for everyone
  • Can be a bit difficult to get used to
  • Costs more to get shipped to Canada
  • We could not find any actual clinical data to review


Summary: Similar as SnoreMeds, VitalSleep mouthpiece comes in two sizes, a larger size for men and a smaller size for women, but the main difference is – VitalSleep is an adjustable device.

RatingRated 4.5 stars


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