What Is a Body Pillow And Who Needs It?

Body Pillow

We view pillows as important sleeping tools for supporting the head and the neck. Most people use standard, rectangular pillows that they place under their head and neck while they sleep. However, sleeping with a body pillow can provide extra support, relieve pain, and improve your sleep quality.

Body pillows are long, narrow pillows that you can keep parallel to your body while you sleep. In addition to supporting your head and neck like traditional pillows, they also support your legs, arms, and side. They’re designed for people who sleep on their side or who want to start sleeping on their side. Usually, when you sleep on your side, your top leg comes over your bottom leg, which causes your spine to twist and your shoulders to collapse. If you stay in this position for hours while sleeping, it’s not good for the alignment of your spine and hips. Body pillows support your body in a way that promotes proper alignment while you sleep.

If you try to sleep on your side but tend to roll onto your back after falling asleep, a U shaped pillow can be a helpful sleeping aid. A body pillow U shaped provides extra support for your back and makes it impossible for you to roll over.

 U shaped pillow

There are many different types of body pillows to choose from. You can find pillows made from a variety of materials, including cotton, wool, and latex. You can also find different sizes and varying levels of firmness. Many body pillows allow you to customize them by adding or removing material until you find the right size and density. You can get memory foam body pillows, hypoallergenic covers and fills, and pillows containing aromatic herbs that help with sleep.

Everyone can experience the body pillow benefits, but the pillows are especially helpful for certain people. Here are four situations where you should consider using a body pillow:

You Snore

If you snore regularly, a body pillow U shaped may help you break the habit. Snoring happens when the back of your mouth collapses over your throat and vibrates as air moves through. This is much more likely to happen when you lie on your back because it increases the weight and pressure on your throat.

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You can try simply lying on your side when you go to sleep, but many people find that they roll over onto their backs as soon as they fall asleep. A U shaped pillow will keep you propped up on your side while you sleep and prevent you from rolling onto your back, which could reduce or even completely eliminate your snoring problem.

Many people with snoring problems have discovered the body pillow benefits and successfully treated the problem. It’s a comfortable, noninvasive treatment option that doesn’t disrupt your sleep or require you to make big lifestyle changes.

You Toss And Turn

If you can’t find a comfortable sleeping position, you may become restless and toss and turn. It’s hard to achieve quality sleep when you can’t stay still. However, it’s much easier to get comfortable and stay still when you’re holding onto a supportive pillow. A U shaped pillow could be particularly helpful for you because it surrounds your whole body, preventing you from rolling over.

You’re Pregnant

Body pillows are so commonly used by pregnant women that they’re sometimes called pregnancy pillows. You can find body pillows that are specially designed for pregnancy, or you can use a standard body pillow.

Pregnancy pillow

You can’t lie on your stomach when pregnant, and lying on your side can be uncomfortable, too. A pregnancy pillow can support your stomach while you lie on your side, and it can prevent you from tossing and turning.

You Have Back, Neck, or Hip Pain

The way you sleep can have a big effect on how you physically feel throughout the day. If you wake up with back, neck, or hip pain and aren’t sure why, it may be due to your sleeping position. If you have muscle pain for another reason, sleeping in uncomfortable or unsupportive positions can worsen the pain.

Body pillows keep your spine and neck in a neutral position, which stops you from accidentally straining them as you sleep. Keeping the lower part of the pillow between your knees while you sleep will support your hips and prevent hip and lower back pain.

The pillows can help with other types of muscle pain, too. Because they help you sleep more comfortably, they promote muscle relaxation. Even just one night with one of these pillows can impact how your muscles feel.

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