WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators Review

WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators
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What You Need To Know About WoodyKnows And Their Products

WoodyKnows is a company that sells a number of different stop snoring products, including nasal filters, mouth tape, sleep masks, etc. However, the product that we are here to take a look at is their version of the nasal dilator. This product is technically called the ‘WoodyKnows Anti-Snore Nasal Dilator,’ and they are available in a few different places around the Web.

We’ve reviewed similar types of devices in the past, but are always interested in finding something new and improved. How does this product stack up to similar products? What makes it different?

And most importantly, do they work?

These types of anti-snoring devices tend to be hit or miss… so we wanted to know what we were dealing with when it came to WoodyKnows.

Here is what you need to know.

WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators: Product Classification & Instructions For Use

This product certainly (and perhaps a bit obviously) fits into the ‘nasal dilator’ category. Nasal dilators are devices that help to keep the nostrils more open during sleep, though they do so from the inside of the nose instead of from the outside (that is the difference between nasal dilators and nasal strips).

How to use WoodyKnows nasal dilators

As for instructions for use, this product is pretty simple. You just insert the nasal dilators into your nasal passages, as per the instructions included in the box, until they fit comfortably. If done right, the only part that should be visible is a small bit of plastic that connects both dilators together.

Your nostrils should feel more ‘open’ when the devices are inserted properly, though you should also feel comfortable. They should not hurt the inside of your nose at all.

We aren’t totally sure how long they are supposed to last—but comparable devices are usually rated for 10 days. We would guess that you just use them until they start to wear out.

This product also comes in four different sizes… small, medium, large, or extra-large. You can also get a trial pack that has one small, one medium, and one large in it, with an included carrying/storage case (though all of the packs include a storage case).

WoodyKnows nasal dilators sizes

You can also buy this product on Amazon.ca, and the listing for it there says that the company is currently updating their packaging… so you may get one of the older packages with two dilators in it, or you might get three. This was kind of interesting. You would think that they would have all of this sorted out… but whatever. At least they tell you and don’t just leave you wondering.

How Do WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators Work?

The idea behind this product is pretty simple. In essence, they go up inside your nasal passages and help to keep them open while you sleep. This promotes nasal breathing, and is said to cut down on snoring.

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This type of product doesn’t necessarily target the root causes of soft palate snoring, which occur in the upper airway—but they can sometimes be effective for this. But still, they tend not to be one of our favorite types of products for this reason, though that does not mean that they aren’t going to work.

WoodyKnows nasal dilator

This is a product that you kind of have to try to know if it’s going to help your snoring at all.

WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators: Clinical Background And FDA Approval

These products are made from soft medical-grade plastic that is BPA and Phthalate-free. The material is said to be FDA approved… but this does not necessarily mean that the product is.

We did not see any reference to clinical trials… so we assume that this product has not been clinically tested.

Can There Be Any Side Effects?

We read online that some people end up with sore nostrils after using these nasal dilators. But aside from that, we haven’t really heard much about any side effects.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can buy the Trial Pack for $14.99 from Amazon.ca, which is a pretty good value for getting started with them. Or, you can buy a pack of any single size for $18.99. You may get two or three dilators with these packs, as the company is currently updating to packs of 3 instead of two. But anyway, that is the situation at the moment.

What Do We Know About The Company?

This product seems to be made by a company called M&M Pure Air Systems LLC. WoodyKnows is a registered brand of this company. They are a company that mainly focuses on ‘designing and manufacturing Nasal Dilators, Nasal Filters, Anti Snoring Pillows, and Sleep Masks.’

Screenshot of WoodyKnows websiteThe company was founded in 2006, and exports products to over 40 different countries.

As far as contact information is concerned, these two email addresses are supplied on the main company website.

dandelion@woodyknows.com / krystal@woodyknows.com.

As far as we can tell, there is no product guarantee. It looks like you get what you pay for here… no additional value offered by a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the product, it seems that you are out your money.
We haven’t really found anything here that is ‘scam complaint’ worthy. We found some negative reviews left by people who didn’t like the product—but we have certainly not found any actual scam complaints. This is a legitimate product offered by a legitimate company.

What Can Users Expect From These WoodyKnows Products?

You can expect to have to get used to them a bit before you really settle into a rhythm. Obviously, they don’t work for everyone—but some people do give up rather quickly. In one review, the customer said that they made his nostrils sore… so he got creative and used a bit of healing ointment during the day when they were not in use. This did the trick, and the product worked perfectly for him after that. Here are a few more user reviews from Amazon.

WoodyKnows nasal dilator reviews

Did WoodyKnows Work For Us?

Do WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators Require A Doctor’s Involvement Or A Prescription?

No, you will not need a prescription or a doctor’s involvement to buy or use this product.

Our Verdict

This wasn’t our favorite product in the world, but it did have some merit. We tend to prefer other devices (like MADs and TSDs) over nasal dilators, mostly because nasal dilators do not really treat the root cause of soft palate vibration snoring, which is the most common type of snoring.

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We were also not crazy about the lack of a product guarantee.

But, with that being said, WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators are interesting and unique. We liked that there were four different sizes available. It seems that this would make it much easier to find the right size for you.

WoodyKnows nasal dilator sample

The prices were ok. They could have been cheaper. But we’ve also seen more expensive nasal dilators before, so this wasn’t such a bad point.

There were quite a few positive reviews for this product, actually—and that cannot be ignored. There are also some negatives, including people saying that the product was uncomfortable and painful to wear. But then again, it’s difficult to figure out if some negative reviews could have been chalked up to user-error.

One thing that we do like about nasal dilators is that they are much less invasive (and less expensive) than MADs, and for that reason, they can certainly be worth a try.

If you are thinking of trying this type of a device before moving on to something more intense, then this product probably deserves some attention while you shop. The trial pack is less than $20, which isn’t too bad really, for what you get.

All things considered, they could have been worse. This is not a bad version of the nasal dilator. Not too bad at all.

The Costs To Get WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators Shipped To Canada

Shipping to any Canadian residence is free if you spend more than $35 (if you order from Amazon.ca, which is what we recommend). But if you don’t order much in product, shipping varies by location.

Where Can I Buy It If I Live In Canada?

Our favorite option for ordering this product is to do so on the Amazon.ca website.

Highlights And Drawbacks

Here are the main pros and cons that we discovered about these products over the course of our research.

Updated 4.12.2018






  • They are relatively inexpensive
  • They seem well-designed
  • You can buy them on Amazon.ca
  • They are made from an FDA approved material
  • They work for a lot of people


  • They don’t treat the root cause of soft-palate vibration snoring
  • There are some people who don’t like them
  • Side effects include sore nostrils
  • No product guarantee (that we could find, anyway)
  • Company website is kind of vague and could have been better

WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators

Summary: If you’re looking for a way to treat the snoring then WoodyKnows Advanced Nasal Dilators are not the right choice as nasal dilators do not treat the root cause of soft palate vibration. But if you simply want to open up your nostrils to improve the nasal breathing while you sleep then this is one of our favorite products of this type.

$14.99 to $18.99
RatingRated 3.5 stars

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