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This is our team who dedicate their spare time to help us with the website and research with an aim to share the latest sleep and snoring related information with public.

Our Team

Josh Sigafus

Josh Sigafus

Joshua Sigafus is just a writer trying to make the world a better place. You can find him on Facebook.

Nicole Carter

Nicole Carter

Nicole’s passion is to do the research about new and unheard health related topics and share the findings with others. You can find Nicole on Facebook.


Vairis Kremanis

Vairis is our tech guy and calls himself a WordPress geek whose job is also his hobby. Most will know him as Vairo which is his preferred name within friends and online. Find him on Facebook.

Kelly and Dave

Kelly Comeau

Kelly looks after our video channel and does the product testing with her husband Dave. You can find her on LinkedIn.

Become an author

Become an author

If you have a good  knowledge about any of the health topics we cover on and feel like you could contribute, do reach out to us.