Provent Anti-Snoring Nose Vents

There are actually two different types of stop-snoring products that people refer to as ‘anti-snoring nose vents.’

The first is a product that is also known as a ‘nasal dilator.’ This type of product is essentially a small tube or device that you insert into the nasal passages to ‘widen’ them out, thereby making breathing easier.

The second one (which is the type that we refer to as an anti-snoring vent) is a type of EPAP (expiratory positive airway pressure) device that contains small ‘vents’ that allow air to be inhaled freely, but that make it more difficult to air to be exhaled. These are usually stuck onto the nose with adhesive, to create an air-tight seal over the nasal passages.

Anti-Snoring nose vents

While both of these types of stop snoring products could, in theory, be classified as ‘anti-snoring nose vents,’ the two could not be more different.

To put the difference into the most basic perspective, one would have to say that both of these products treat completely different types of snoring.

But in this post, we are going to be discussing the second type. Here is what you need to know.

How Are Anti-snoring Nose Vents Meant To Work?

Anti-Snoring nose vents are actually pretty simple to use. Most of the time, they come with little adhesive strips so that you can attach them to the opening of your nostrils. Once you do, they allow you to breathe unhindered when you inhale – but they create resistance when you exhale, which helps to build up expiratory air pressure inside of your airway.

How ProVent Works

This creates pressure that, in theory, helps to treat the root cause of soft palate vibration – which is the most common type of snoring. Soft palate vibration occurs when the soft muscle and tissue of the airway relaxes and closes on itself – thereby creating restriction. When you breathe, the air rushes through this newly restricted space, and the soft tissues of the soft palate vibrate.

This creates the sounds that we have come to associate with snoring.

So these devices help by increasing the air pressure in the airway, which helps to keep the soft tissue from collapsing inward.

Granted, this is mostly in-theory. These types of devices do not always work as perfectly as planned… but, they do in some cases.

Do We Believe That Anti-snoring Nose Vent Method Works?

This type of product certainly has its merits. It also has its downsides though. We are not as pleased with how these products tend to perform as we are with some… but on the same token, we also feel like they tend to work better than some as well.

If soft palate vibration is causing your snoring problem, then we would probably recommend a product like an MAD or a tongue retention device first, as these are a bit more technical and help to treat the root cause of the problem more directly. We would also recommend healthy lifestyle changes to help you work toward a state of better overall health.

But – with that being said, we also really like the idea of these products. In a way, they help to provide CPAP-like technology for a fraction of the cost. And while they are not as efficient, they can work, and are worth a try if you don’t want to use something quite as invasive as an MAD.

The Positives

Here are some of the upsides to Anti Snoring Nose Vents…

  • They are pretty inexpensive
  • They tend to work well in some cases
  • They aren’t very invasive
  • They help to treat the root cause of soft palate vibration

The Negatives

Here are some of the downsides…

  • Some people don’t like how they look and feel
  • They do not work for everyone
  • They aren’t as efficient as some other methods
  • You have to keep buying them (they are usually disposable) to keep using them

Who Should Use This Product, And When?

Any adults, age 18 and over, should be able to use this product. If they are having trouble breathing through their nose, then this might not be the right type of product for them. This also may not be the right type of product for someone who gets really bad allergies or nasal congestion.

Who Needs Anti-Snoring Nose Vents

As for when you should use it, you would need to use this product every night during sleep to see the benefits.

This is one of those products that you would have to use continuously in order for it to work.

Who Should Avoid This Type Of Product?

This type of product likely isn’t suitable for kids. It would also not be for you if you tend to suffer from allergies or a lot of nasal congestion, as it could make things a lot more uncomfortable. Also, if the root cause of your snoring is in the nasal passages, this product will likely not help.

Final Thoughts

Anti-Snoring Vents can do a lot of good for some people – but they are not nearly as effective as some other treatment options out there. If you are suffering from snoring that is caused by soft palate vibration, then we would actually recommend a mandibular advancement device or a tongue retention device first.

Of course, if you don’t want something quite that invasive to start out with, then a product like this can actually be awesome to try. It can be especially helpful to find a brand that offers a money back guarantee, in case you don’t end up being too crazy about it.


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