Anti-Snoring Pillows

Anti-Snoring pillows are a pretty popular stop snoring product that has been in use for a long time. There have been a lot of sleep studies done on some of these products, and some of them have been proven to work quite well. Basically, anti-snoring pillows are pillows that have been shaped a certain way to help prevent snoring.

A lot of sleep aid pillows are not just created to help prevent snoring, either. A lot of them are also designed to help align the spinal cord and support the neck during sleep. Some have even been specifically designed to help prevent other problems that can hinder sleep… such as acid reflux or sleep apnea.

There are several different types of anti-snoring pillows, including the ‘wedge’ pillow and the ‘contour’ pillow.

A lot of people mistake ‘sleep aid pillows’ for ‘anti snoring pillows,’ because they sound similar… but they are not necessarily the same.

How Are Anti-Snoring Pillows Meant To Work?

Anti-snoring pillows are basically designed to stop snoring by aligning the spine… and subsequently, the airway.

Anti-Snoring Pillows Work

A lot of snoring is caused by soft palate vibration, which happens when the loose tissue in the back of the throat collapses in, obstructing the airway. This makes the tissues vibrate as the air passes through, which is what causes snoring. So by helping to align the spine and keep the neck at the appropriate angle, the idea is that these pillows can help to keep the tissue pulled tighter… which will open up the airway more and help to prevent snoring.

Now, with that being said, it is important to distinguish between pillows specifically designed to stop snoring, and pillows that are just designed to help you sleep better. A lot of pillows are designed to help the spine… but there are not as many that were actually designed to stop snoring. So, there is a difference.

Do We Believe That They Work?

We have heard quite a few good things about these pillows… but we also see them as being a bit less effective than some other, more extreme methods. The great thing about anti snoring pillows is that it really doesn’t get any less invasive than this. For the most part, they look like a regular pillow. You don’t have to wear anything extra, put anything into your mouth, or apply anything to your body.

You just buy the pillow and sleep on it. So this product is an awesome first-line product to try if you don’t want to jump into anything more intense right away. Then, if it doesn’t work, you can move on to more extreme measures.

We do not see this type of product being quite as successful as a mandibular advancement device or tongue retention device… mostly because those types of devices, while a lot more invasive, can make more precise, focused adjustments to help correct the problem.

The Positives

Here are the upsides for the Anti Snoring Pillow…

  • Very minimally invasive
  • Very easy to get used to
  • Can also improve sleep quality in other ways
  • Can be used by pretty much anyone who would use a regular pillow

The Negatives

Here are the downsides as they pertain to this device…

  • Cost can be high when you compare how much they cost with how much regular pillows cost
  • Does not always really help the problem
  • Must be bought regularly (pillows in-general should be replaced every six months)
  • Can be an expensive product to try because if it doesn’t work, you will be out quite a bit of money that you might not be able to get back
  • Bulkier and larger than other stop snoring products, which makes them more challenging to travel with

Who Should Use Anti-Snoring Pillows, And When?

Pretty much anyone who uses a reguar pillow can also use a stop snoring pillow. But this type of product will probably appeal more to people who are really set against a more invasive type of product or device. So, if you have qualms about putting a product in your mouth, wearing something different, applying strips to your face, etc… then this might be the best first-try product for you.

As for when you should use it, you would probably want to use it anytime you slept. This also means that you might have to take it with you when you travel… which is a bit of a downside, as these pillows are larger and bulkier than most other anti-snoring products.

Who Should Avoid Using This Type Of Product?

People who do not usually sleep with a pillow may not like this type of product. But aside from this… almost anyone who uses a normal pillow could also likely adapt to using an anti-snoring pillow.

Final Thoughts

Anti-snoring pillows are definitely a unique type of product with a solid place in the market. The fact that they are so minimally invasive is what makes them so popular… even though they don’t necessarily work for everyone.

For best results, try to find a pillow that is not only made with quality materials, but that also comes from a reputable company. These types of products can also be useful as a supplement to other stop snoring methods, to help make them more effective… so that is an upside to them as well.


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