ApneaRX Review – Can It Help With Snoring or Sleep Apnea?

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What You Need To Know About The ApneaRx

The ApneaRx is a mandibular advancement device that is actually created for the specific intention of treating sleep apnea… which is quite rare. Most MADs are not approved for the treatment of OSA, which is a much more serious problem than just regular snoring.

The implication that someone could purchase a more affordable option (a device like this) instead of the costly and cumbersome CPAP machine that is usually used to treat sleep apnea is pretty cool. We would love to see a mandibular advancement device pull this off.

But… is ApneaRx the one to do it? Does the device do what it claims, and is it worth the cost?

We looked into it to find out. Here is what we found.

ApneaRx: Product Classification & Instructions For Use

This product is technically a ‘Mandibular Advancement Device,’ or ‘MAD.’ But unlike most MADs, this one is actually specifically designed to treat sleep apnea… and that makes it unique.

ApneaRX appliance

As for instructions for use, you will need a prescription to order this product if you are ordering from the United States, as it is technically a class 2 medical device.

Once you get your device, you will have to fit it. This process is surprisingly simple, though, and consists of a simple ‘boil and bite’ process that takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once this is done, you can adjust the settings on the device to 3mm, try it, and see if you need to increase it. If you try it for several nights in a row, manage to keep it in all night, but fail to notice a different in your snoring, then you might need to increase the adjustment… just to get it dialed in.

The fact that you can adjust this product is really cool.

How Does ApneaRx Work?

In order to understand how ApneaRx actually works, you will first need to understand exactly how obstructive sleep apnea occurs. Obstructive Sleep Apnea happens when the soft lining of the upper airway relaxes during sleep. When this happens, the tissues that surround the airway can sometimes ‘collapse-in’ and block the path that the air would otherwise take.

How ApneaRX works

This stops you from breathing for a few seconds, and in the case of obstructive sleep apnea, is usually what causes the ‘apnea’ to occur.

But this device seeks to correct the problem by adjusting the lower jaw slightly forward during sleep. By advancing the lower jaw, the device is effectively opening up the upper airway and creating more room for the air to move through.

ApneaRx: Clinical Background And FDA Approval

As for a clinical background, the ApneaRx has actually been tested a lot more than many other devices on the market. You can find a page of resources available here: http://www.apnearx.com/resources

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This is pretty impressive, to be honest.

The device is also FDA cleared, and is technically a class 2 medical device.

Can There Be Any Side Effects?

There isn’t much side-effect information to be found on the official product site. At least, not that we could see, anyway. But we do imagine that side effects like drooling, a sore jaw, and a slight bit of discomfort are possible to encounter… especially early-on.

These are pretty common side effects that can occur with most MAD products… though this obviously does not mean that you will necessarily experience them while using the ApneaRX.

How Much Does ApneaRx Cost?

You can buy the ApneaRx on the official product website for $149.99. This is obviously just a little bit more expensive than you can expect to pay for most oral appliances like it… though it is also understandable why the ApneaRx would cost so much more. Not only is it FDA cleared, which is a bit rare, but it is also cleared for the treatment of Sleep Apnea… and that is actually VERY rare.

So with this being said, it is understandable that it would cost more than average… but, the higher cost is still a bit of a hindrance to us.

What Do We Know About The Company Behind ApneaRx?

ApneaRx seems to do a super good job of supplying contact information on their site. Here is an entire range of contact information that we found on their so-named page.

Screenshot of ApneaRX websiteApnea Sciences Corporation

27121 Aliso Creek Road #140

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Phone: 949 680 2775

Fax: 949 315 3585

Email: customer.service@apnearx.com

This product comes with a 30 day guarantee from the purchase date. It obviously would be nicer to see more like a 60 day or a 90 day guarantee, but still… 30 days isn’t too bad.
We’ve done quite a bit of research about this product, and must honestly conclude that this is certainly not a scam company. Their product may not work for everyone… but it is still legitimate.

What Can Users Expect From ApneaRx?

If you are from the United States, then you can expect that you are going to need a prescription to order this device. Aside from that, you can expect that you are going to have to fit it before using it. 

You will also probably need some time to get used to it. Some people give up on devices like this in just a few nights if they can’t get used to it… though realistically, it can take up to a week, or even more, to really get used to sleeping with a device in your mouth.

Does ApneaRx Require A Doctor’s Involvement Or A Prescription?

Yes, you will need to get a prescription to buy the ApneaRx if you live in the United States. You will have to fax in the prescription before they can fill your order.


Our Verdict

In the end, we liked this product… but it certainly had a few downsides for us. For one, it was a bit more expensive than the average MAD. Also, it is supposedly specially-designed to treat sleep apnea… but we have to admit that we see very few differences between this device and other similar devices that were designed to treat snoring.

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Is it possible that you are paying more for something that you could get for less with another device? This is obviously hard to say for sure, as technically, regular MADs are not supposed to be used to treat OSA, because they are not FDA cleared for it.

ApneaRX packagingBut then again… we all know that there is quite a bit of red-tape that goes with this. It is not really legal to claim that your device can treat sleep apnea when it has not been cleared as a medical device. But is it possible that more devices are capable of treating OSA than are actually given credit for it?

This is all just conjecture, at this point… but the fact remains that this device does cost more… and to be super honest, we are not sure if we can justify the higher cost.

At the end of the day, this device is one of the few devices on the market that are cleared by the FDA to treat OSA. So yes, that is something.

Do we recommend the product?

If you are suffering from OSA and do not want to use a CPAP Machine… then yes, we would recommend that you at least give this one a try, at least for the 30 days that the guarantee is in place.

The Costs To Get ApneaRx Shipped To Canada

As far as we can tell, there is no extra shipping cost to get this product shipped to Canada for most addresses… but it is possible that the shipping may also vary by location.

Where Can I Buy ApneaRx If I Live In Canada?

The best place to buy this product, if you live in Canada, is on the official product website here. They ship to Canada, and even to other countries as well as the US.

Highlights And Drawbacks

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered about the ApneaRx over the course of our research.

Updated 6.12.2018






  • Seems to do a good job
  • It is FDA cleared for treating obstructive sleep apnea
  • Has been clinically tested, at least to a certain point
  • Features boil and bite technology for a custom fit
  • Can also be adjusted for a finer amount of jaw advancement


  • Some of the links in the information section that shows the clinical evidence didn’t work
  • The device is quite a bit more expensive than some other brands
  • It might not work for everyone
  • It is difficult to tell if this device is any different from any other MAD. It is just FDA cleared for Sleep Apnea, while most mouthpieces are not


Summary: Although ApneaRx has been tested a lot more than many other devices on the market it certainly has dome disadvantages.

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