Casper Pillow Review – How Good Is the Pillow-in-pillow Design?

Casper Pillow
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What You Need To Know About is a website where you can buy all kinds of different sleep aid products… from mattresses, to pillows, to sheets, to bed frames… and more. We recently found out about this company by doing some online research, and were super-excited to check them out.

As you know, we are into all-things that help our readers to sleep better, whether they are anti-snoring devices or even just regular sleeping aids… but these products got our attention because of the uniqueness of the website and the interesting designs of the items that they list for sale.

But anyway, we decided to review the site, and to take a special close-up look at their signature Casper Pillow in the process. Here is what we discovered.

Casper Pillow: Product Classification & Instructions For Use

These pillows (and the rest of the products on really fall under the realm of ‘sleep aid products.’ They are not necessarily designed to help you stop snoring… but they are designed to help you sleep better.

Casper Pillow

As for instructions for use, the pillow is actually pretty self-explanatory. You can use the Casper Pillow in pretty much any position… though it does come with some cleaning instructions. This pillow comes in two different layers, and you need to unzip the outer layer to remove the inner pillow before cleaning. You then zip the outer layer back up, and place both the inner and the outer parts in the washing machine with mild detergent to clean them.

How Does The Casper Pillow Work?

The Casper Pillow is actually really ingeniously designed to be used in any manner that you could possibly want to use a pillow in. It is a versatile and well-constructed pillow that is far more complex than you might realize. It basically works by helping to provide just the right amounts of support and comfort.

How Is It Made?

The basic design behind the Casper Pillow revolves around the outside being soft, with the inside being more firm. But it obviously gets a lot more complicated than this. We were quite impressed with how much effort Casper put into their description of how their pillows were made on their website… because it allowed us a pretty sweet inside-look into how they have created their signature product.

How is Casper Pillow made

The inner pillow (the firm one) is actually made of nearly a billion coated fibers. This creates an adaptive liquid-like texture that responds to the movements of the sleeper during the night. The outer pillow is made with longer fibers that give it a cushioning-type feel.

This construction makes it quite easy to ‘fluff’ the pillow up, and avoids ‘clumping.’

Does The Casper Pillow Come In Different Sizes?

The Casper Pillow does come in two different sizes. It comes in a ‘standard’ size, and a ‘king’ size.

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What Kind Of Support Does The Casper Pillow Provide?

This pillow was designed to adapt to the sleeper in the sense that it can absorb stress and weight in just about any fashion that it is applied. This means that it can be incredibly versatile. It can support the back, neck, shoulders, or even the legs or any other part of the body. You could really use this pillow in whatever fashion you wanted.

How Much Does The Casper Pillow Cost?

You can buy the standard-sized Casper Pillow for $85, or the King-sized Pillow for $100… and therein lies our biggest problem with this product.

This is quite an expensive pillow, to be honest. You can routinely go to big retailers and buy pillows for less than $10 each… and even the more expensive pillows in stores like these are priced at $30 or $40 each. Obviously, Casper Pillows are exceptional and are made differently. They even have an inner pillow and an outer pillow, which is a lot more complex than what pillows usually offer.

But… with that being said, is it really worth it to go out and get one of these pillows when you can buy two, three, or even four regular pillows at a much cheaper price?

Which will do you more good?

We obviously like these pillows, but they still seem a bit expensive.

Are they worth it?

They might be, depending on how well you sleep now with your current pillow options.

What Do We Know About The Casper Company?

Screenshot of Casper Pillow websiteYou can email Casper via an email/chat form on their page. You can also call or text them at +1 888–498–0003.

The company does have one official physical store location, which you can find here…



Every Casper Pillow comes with a 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. But every pillow also comes with a 100 night trail, with free returns if you find that the pillow just isn’t for you. This is a pretty awesome trial, to be fair… so kudos to Casper for that.

We have actually found a few complaints about these pillows… but we have not run into any actual scam complaints. As far as we can tell, this company is absolutely legitimate.

Some customers have said that it is actually too hard, and some say that it is actually too ‘flat’ to be comfortable. But these negatives also seem to be in the minority among reviewers, as far as we can tell.

What Can Users Expect From Casper Pillows?

It sounds like a lot of customers really love these pillows. But, at the same time, it also sounds like some people are not such big fans. It sounds like some people find them hard and uncomfortable. But there are a ton of positive reviews for them as well—so there seems to be a much better chance that you are going to like them than not. See below what couple Amazon consumers have said about this brand.

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Casper Pillow reviews from Amazon

But are they worth the money? That is the big question.

Who Should Buy The Casper Pillow?

People who have tried ‘regular’ pillows and found them to be unsatisfactory are the best candidates for buying pillows like this. Casper pillows are obviously manufactured to higher standards than most… and that is absolutely something to take into account.

Our Verdict

We did like the Casper Pillow, to be fair. We actually liked a lot of the products that Casper offers. But would we recommend this product? That is a different question entirely.

The problem is not whether or not the pillow is well-made… because it absolutely is. The question is one of cost and value. Is the value of this pillow so much better than that of a ‘regular’ pillow that Casper can justify the higher cost?

This is where we were met with the greatest challenge.

Yes, Casper pillows are crafted to a very fine standard. And they do come with a 100 night money back guarantee—and that is something that we truly do love about it.

Under Cassper Pillows cover

But are these pillows SO well-made that they are worth buying instead of 3, 4, or 5 regular cheaper pillows?

This probably depends on you. If you are super picky about your pillows and really want something that is head and shoulders above the rest, then yes… a Casper Pillow is probably going to be on your radar.

We CAN say that it is a finely crafted pillow, and we loved the product website. We also liked how much information was provided about the company products. We will absolutely be keeping our eye on these products in the future, and will update our review if we get any new information.

But as it stands… Casper Pillows do seem to be super-well made… and that seems to be a fact that is not debatable.

The Costs To Get The Casper Pillow Shipped To Canada

It is free to get Casper product shipped to Canada… which is awesome!

Where Can I Buy Casper Products If I Live In Canada?

The best place to order Casper products is right on the official Casper website.

Highlights And Drawbacks

Here are the pros and cons that we discovered about the Casper Pillow during the course of our research.

Updated 6.12.2018



  • Comes with a 3 year warranty and a 100 night money back guarantee
  • Is very well made and seems to be mostly well-liked
  • We really liked how you can take it apart and wash it in two pieces
  • Comes in 2 different sizes


  • It is a bit on the expensive side
  • Some people say that this pillow is ‘too hard’ and as such, is too uncomfortable
  • There is some question about whether or not this pillow is worth buying, due to the cost and whether or not it is actually much better than a regular pillow

Casper Pillow

Summary: Casper pillows are crafted to a very fine standard but there are more affordable similar pillows that we believe would be a better choice.

$85 to $100
RatingRated 3 stars

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