The Different Types of Noses

Different types of noses

The nose is one of the most defining characteristics of the face. While no two noses are exactly alike, they can be split into categories based on their size, shape, and structure.

Knowing your nose type can help you determine whether you’re at risk for experiencing any structural or functional nose issues. It also can help you choose hairstyles, glasses, or makeup looks that will complement your nose and bring balance to your face. Here are 10 of the most common nose types:

1. Fleshy Nose

Albert Einstein and his fleshy nose shape

Seen on: Albert Einstein

Almost a quarter of the population has a fleshy nose, which makes it the most common nose type. Fleshy noses are usually large, protruding, and bulbous. However, the main defining characteristic is that they look more fatty than bony. Smaller noses can also have this fleshy look, but it’s more noticeable in larger noses. This type of nose is also sometimes called “The Einstein” because the famous physicist’s nose is such a perfect example.

2. Greek Nose

Greek nose shape for Jennifer Aniston

Seen on: Jennifer Aniston

The Greek nose, or the straight nose, is characterized by its completely straight bridge. Greek noses nave no bumps, curves, or dips, and they usually have narrow nostrils. This nose type is one of the most requested by people undergoing rhinoplasty, but only about 3 percent of the population has this shape. The Greek nose gets its name from the straight noses found on old sculptures of Greek gods.

3. Roman Nose

Roman nose shape for Daniel Radcliffe

Seen on: Daniel Radcliffe

Roman noses shares several similarities with Greek noses. They are highly requested by people undergoing rhinoplasty, and they get their name from the noses featured in ancient Roman sculptures. However, Roman noses aren’t quite as straight as Greek noses. The bridge of a Roman nose has a sloping curve that looks slightly like a hook and makes the nose protrude out from the face.

4. Celestial Nose

 Celestial Nose shape for Emma Stone

Seen on: Emma Stone

A celestial nose has a slight dent in the middle of the bridge, which makes the tip of the nose slightly upturned. It also has a pointed and protruding tip. About 12 to 13 percent of the population has a celestial nose, and this type is most common in people of European descent.

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5. Hawk Nose

Hawk nose shape for Adrien Brody

Seen on: Adrien Brody

The hawk nose is defined by its dramatic, sharply curved bridge. It looks like the beak of a hawk, eagle, or other predatory bird, and it’s sometimes referred to as an “aquiline nose.” People with hawk noses tend to have strong, striking profiles. About 5 percent of the population has this nose type.

6. Nubian Nose

Nubian nose shape for Barack Obama

Seen on: Barack Obama

Nubian noses are long with a wide base. They usually have a lower bridge than most other nose types, which makes them less pointed and protruding. This nose type is common in people of African descent and is sometimes called the “wide nose.”

7. Snub Nose

Snub nose shape for Elizabeth Taylor

Seen on: Elizabeth Taylor

The snub nose is small and button-like. The tip of the nose is slightly upturned, which makes the nostrils look a little wider than some of the other nose types. The bridge of the nose is very narrow, though. Snub noses are similar to celestial noses, but their tips are rounder and softer. Although this is considered by many people to be one of the most attractive noses, the upturned tip can create a snobby or haughty appearance, which is how the snub nose gets its name.

8. Rumpole Nose

Rumpole nose shape for Leo McKern

Seen on: Leo McKern

The Rumpole nose is fleshy, bulky, and protruding with a bulbous tip. This nose type is one of the rarest and is found in less than one percent of the population. However, it’s one of the most unique and recognizable types. It’s named after the character Horace Rumpole from the British TV series Rumpole of the Bailey. Rumpole was played by actor Leo McKern, who is one of the only notable people with this nose type.

9. Bumpy Nose

Bumpy nose shape for Owen Wilson

Seen on: Owen Wilson

As the name suggests, the bumpy nose has a bumpy bridge or outline. There are a wide variety of bumpy noses, and some have more subtle or more prominent bumps. About 9 percent of the population has a bumpy nose.

10. Duchess Nose

Duchess nose shape for Kate Middleton

Seen on: Kate Middleton

A duchess nose is straight and pointed with a subtly upturned tip. It looks similar to the Greek type, but it’s usually slightly wider. This type is named after the duchess Kate Middleton, who is a perfect example of this nose type. The tip of her nose is turned up at 106 degrees, which plastic surgeons consider to be the ideal angle. Unsurprisingly, her nose shape is one of the most requested by people undergoing rhinoplasty.

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We would love to hear your thoughts about your own nose shape and whether or not you’d like to change it and if yes, which nose shape you would prefer having. If for some reason you think that you’re snoring because of the shape of your nose, we would love to hear your story. Thanks and I look forward to your comments.

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