How Many People Snore In Canada

Snoring people in Canada

Snoring, as it seems, is a pretty common problem. But exactly how common is it?

Thanks to statistics, we know that more than 2 million Canadians have sleep disorders… ranging from insomnia, to snoring, and everything in between. But how many of these cases are actually caused by snoring?

Knowing how prevalent the problem is can do a lot to raise awareness for it. It can also show us how big the problem is, which is important for assessing how much of a priority it is to focus on it. But it also shows how big the market is for stop-snoring products, so a lot of companies have been looking into these types of statistics lately as well.

Here is what you need to know.

Snoring Is Not A New Problem

Snoring has most certainly been a problem now for quite some time. In fact, some experts say that snoring might be an evolutionary development, intended to ward-off predators while primitive humans were sleeping out in the open.

But whether or not this is true is really not the point. The point here is that humans have been snoring for as long as they have existed – and the problem shows no real sign of slowing down.

According to statistics, about half of people snore at some point over the course of their lives. We know that snoring is much more common in men, that it appears to run in families, that it becomes more common as humans get older, and that about 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women are what you would call ‘habitual snorers.’

This means that they are classified in a group of humans who snore regularly… not just now and then, as there is actually a pretty big difference.

Habitual snorers are the humans who are most at-risk for suffering long-term problems due to snoring, which is certainly not a good thing!

How Many Canadians Are Actually Snoring?

This is actually a rather tough number to nail down specifically – but there is some information out there that can give us a really, really good idea as to ‘about’ what it might be.

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For example… in a poll conducted not long ago, it was recorded that 47% of Canadian men reported that they snore regularly, as opposed to 33% of women.

When you average this all out, the total comes out to about 41% of Canadians that are snoring altogether.

Other statistics tell us that nearly 1 million adults in Canada have reported instances of sleep apnea, and that 90 percent of people with sleep apnea snore (sleep apnea doesn’t necessarily have to include snoring – but snoring is often a symptom of it).

According to statistics from the UK, though, about 40% of people in the United Kingdom also snore regularly… which is very close to the 41% that statistics tell us is the average in Canada, which seems to be a pretty close similarity.

This seems to indicate that the polls that give us the number of adult snorers in Canada is at least relatively close to the true number.

But how many is that?

First, we need to figure out how many adults currently live in Canada.

According to statistics, we can come up with a relatively rough guestimation of about how many adults, age 18 and over, live in Canada. According to the info, in 2016, the population of Canada, as a whole, was just over 36 million people. When we subtract the number of people age 17 and younger, we come up with a figure somewhere close to 29.5 million.

When we divide this number by 100 and then multiply that number by 41, to get the percentage, we end up with a rough figure of just over 12 million. So, as it stands, it would seem that about 12 million adults in Canada are currently affected by snoring.

This 12 million figure is quite a departure from the 2 million cited above… but the best we can figure is that, when asked in polls, more people are probably likely to say ‘yes’ when asked if they are snoring, even if their snoring is not happening all the time, not causing sleep apnea, and not bad enough to get them diagnosed with a sleeping disorder.

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