Nicole Carter


Nicole was born in Europe, but has since relocated to find her ‘happily ever after’ home in Canada. Nicole has always been a passionate writer, but she mostly wrote for fun before moving to Canada. Now, she makes plenty of time to travel during the summer, and spends the cold, long winter nights working on her writing projects (though we still sometimes manage to get a piece out of her now and then, even when it’s warm outside!).

Nicole quickly found herself in the beautiful Canadian wilderness… and though she spends a lot of her time in Toronto, she has also blazed trails all over the Canadian countryside in her travels. She loves to hike and bike, and has also taken up kayaking and climbing as well. She also tends to be a big fan of the water, and makes it a point to visit a number of new rivers, lakes, and springs every year.

Nicole has a special place in her heart for topics related to health and wellness, which is partly why she is so passionate about her place here at She has a degree in journalism, and uses it (along with her natural talent as a writer) to spread a positive message about all things related to physical and psychological health and well-being.

She currently resides (for most of the year) in Toronto… with two dogs, Billiard and Squirrel, and a lazy grey cat named Muffin. Her work has been published on many different websites and in many different publications, and she has, ironically, made somewhat of a prolific name for herself in the industry as a ghost writer. In the future, she hopes to publish a book about her adventures in the Canadian wilderness, and plans to continue her work as a health and wellness blogger.

You can find Nicole on Facebook.