Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray Review

Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray
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What You Need To Know About Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray

Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray is an interesting product that we have recently been turned-on to… though we will also say that we were a tiny bit skeptical of it. It is not necessarily a ‘new’ product, but it was definitely one that was on our list of products to review, simply because it has a rather prominent name in the industry.

However, the problem with throat sprays, in our experience, is that they really only do so much to eliminate snoring problems.

Usually, mandibular advancement devices or tongue stabilization devices tend to have a much greater impact on an individual’s quality of sleep than any sort of ‘spray’ that they might apply to their throat.

But, with that being said, would this spray change our minds?

Silence makes some pretty bold claims about their product. At one point, they say that it is ‘The most effective anti-snoring self-treatment which acts directly on the main cause of snoring.’ But is this bold claim backed up by facts?

Here is what we discovered over the course of our research.

Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray: Product Classification & Instructions For Use

This product is classified as a throat spray (which is pretty obvious). This means that it takes the form of a spray that you apply directly to the throat. There are several of these types of products on the market right now, though we will admit that we have not had that much luck with them in the past.

How to use anti-snoring spray

As for instructions for use, you are supposed to shake the can before you use it. Then, you spray the back of your throat for one second, and swallow. Follow this procedure three times to make the product work as effectively as possible. You should also take care to read the product label before use—just to make sure that you are applying it correctly.

How Does Silence Anti Throat Spray Work?

The idea behind this product is actually pretty straightforward. In essence, you are supposed to spray it into the back of your throat. It creates a foamy-like liquid that coats your throat, making it slippery and less likely to vibrate when you sleep.

Foam from Silence Anti Throat Spray

This helps the air to pass through your air passages easier, and is supposed to help keep the tissue of the soft palate from collapsing in on itself.

It is not intended to be a treatment for sleep apnea… but according to the company, it works really well for regular snoring.

Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray: Clinical Background And FDA Approval

Unfortunately, the official company website for this product was NOT very helpful, at all. It contained a very small amount of information, and didn’t really tell us anything that we needed to know to answer any important questions about the product.

We were quite disappointed with this. It would take just a little bit of work to get their website working better… so to see that it was not very informative was just a pain.

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At any rate, here is what we were able to figure out about clinical trials and other information.

We did some searching on Google, and found that many other review sites had also looked into this product. We found no evidence of any sort of clinical study ever being done on it, and these other review sites seemed to agree with us.

If Silence has been clinically tested, it would seem that nobody knows about it.

As far as FDA approval goes, it would seem that this product is not FDA approved either.

Can There Be Any Side Effects?

We took a look at some reviews for the product that were posted on Amazon, in an attempt to get a better idea about how it worked. We found that most of the reviews were negative. Some customers said that it tasted bad, and some said that it didn’t work. But aside from that, we did not see any evidence of any serious side effects. Here are a few user reviews that we found on Amazon.

Silence Spray reviews from Amazon

One review did describe it as ‘a vile product that is an abomination to use,’ though this admittedly radical description didn’t really give us much else to go on.

How Much Does Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray Cost?

We found a Pharmacy in Australia that sells the product for $22.95 for a 50ml bottle. We looked at the Amazon listing for it, but found that it was no longer available there.

It does not even seem to appear on the Canadian Amazon page.

What Do We Know About The Company Behind Silence Throat Spray?

The Corporate Site seemed to be completely written in German… so it was not really possible for us to gain much information from it. We do know that the company is called Omega Pharma. We also know that the Silence website is actually upkept by a company called Chefaro Ireland LTD, which his owned by Omega Pharma.

Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray websiteHere is the address for Omega Pharma.

Omega Pharma NV

Venecoweg 26

9810 Nazareth

If you wish to contact the company, the only way that we can see to do so is through an email contact form located on the official Silence website.

The official product website does not offer any sort of guarantee on this product. If you wish to get your money back for it, it would seem that your only chance will be through the company you purchased it from.
We looked through all of the customer reviews that we could find. Some customers certainly didn’t like this product, but nobody called it a ‘scam,’ by name or through implication. It doesn’t seem super popular, but it certainly does not seem to be a scam of any sort.

What Can Users Expect From Silence Throat Spray?

If you use this product, then the first thing you will notice is the taste. We’ve heard it described as a ‘natural’ taste, which some people don’t mind, and some people hate.

Secondly, you may or may not be able to expect to sleep better. This product does work for some people… but not for everyone. In fact, it sounds like more people dislike it than like it, if you base your opinion on what the reviews online say.

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Does Silence Require A Doctor’s Involvement Or A Prescription?

No. You won’t need a doctor or a prescription to buy and/or use Silence Throat Spray.

Our Verdict

In the end, we were not terribly fond of this option. Granted, anti-snoring sprays certainly have a place in the market. They are relatively non-invasive, and can be an easy product to use or take with you on-the-go. They do not require you to keep any sort of ‘device’ in your mouth while you sleep, either.

Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray sampleBut with that being said, there were also a lot of reasons to be ‘dissatisfied’ with this product too.

For one, most customers seemed not to be too crazy about it, according to reviews. Secondly, it seemed like it didn’t work for most customers, also based on the reviews. Third, it is kind of expensive to have to keep buying.

And finally, the company website was so vague that it was difficult to find concise information about it.

We aren’t trying to be overly negative about it, but this was certainly not our favorite product. It is also kind of difficult to find online, believe it or not. But you can still order it from several places online… though it does seem to be easier to order in Australia than it is in Canada.

Error on the official website

One last thing to mention is the actual state of the official website. There seems to be an error right above the logo as well as the site is not using the secure protocol for safe browsing and shopping.

The Costs To Get Silence Shipped To Canada

Shipping really varies by location. It also varies by what company you choose to buy Silence from.

Where Can I Buy Silence If I Live In Canada?

You can order this product from, but this is an Australian site—so that may be a more expensive option. It was surprisingly difficult to find this product for sale in Canada. If you have found it for sale in Canada, feel free to leave us a comment and let us know where you found it!

Highlights And Drawbacks

Here are the pros and cons of this product, as discovered during our research.

Updated 4.12.2018



  • This product does seem to work for some people
  • It is pretty easy to use
  • It is relatively non-invasive
  • It is portable and easy to carry around with you


  • Seemingly no clinical trial information
  • The product website is vague and uninformative
  • Most of the reviews for it online seem to be negative
  • A lot of people say that it doesn’t work
  • Pretty expensive for what you get

Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray

Summary: Our research shows that most Silence Anti Snoring Throat Spray users have found that this spray did very little to help them with snoring so you be the judge.

RatingRated 2.5 stars

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