SleepWell Pro Chin Strap Review – Does It Work?

SleepWell Pro Chin Strap
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What You Need To Know About The SleepWell Pro

SleepWell is a company whose goal is to provide ‘the highest quality snore reduction products on the market.’ They actually carry several different types of stop-snoring products, including nose vents, mouth guards, and headgear for CPAP masks, among other things.

But in this review, we are going to be focusing specifically on the SleepWell Pro Chin Strap.

There are quite a few different chinstraps on the market today… so what makes SleepWell Pro’s version any different? How does it compare to other devices that we’ve reviewed?

These are good questions, and we decided to figure out the answers.

Here’s what you need to know.

SleepWell Pro Stop Snoring Chin Strap: Product Classification & Instructions For Use

This product certainly (and perhaps obviously) falls under the category of ‘stop snoring chinstraps.’ There are many of these types of products on the market, but we can already see that there are a few differences between this device and others that we’ve reviewed in the past—which is a good thing.

As for instructions for use, this product is pretty straightforward. The first step is to center the strap on your chin, and then to pull the sides up around your ears. You will notice that this chinstrap has much larger openings for your ears than other devices, and also fits more widely around the head.

SleepWell Pro Chin Strap in use

We liked this, because it seems that it would provide more ‘upward’ support on the jaw instead of ‘backward’ support, which is one of the problems we have with cheaper versions of this type of device.

Next, you fasten the top Velcro strap so that the device feels snug on your head. You then fasten the lower Velcro closure right behind the head, to secure it all in place.

And that’s it! You simply wear the strap whenever you are sleeping.

How Does The SleepWell Pro Chin Strap Work?

This chin strap is designed to work pretty much the same way that every other chin strap on the market is designed to work. It is supposed to hold the mouth closed and the chin forward during sleep. This does two things.

How SleepWell Pro Chin Strap works

  1. It helps to promote nasal breathing, which is better for not only your quality of rest, but also your snoring problems
  2. It helps to keep the jaw slightly advanced while you sleep. When your jaw falls open and backwards, it can contribute to closing-off your airway, which can lead to soft-palate vibration. This is the leading cause of snoring, and is basically the problem that chin straps are designed to help prevent.

Chin straps are really, in theory, supposed to do exactly what mandibular advancement devices do… except that they attempt to approach the problem in a manner that is not quite as invasive. It could also be said that they do not do the job quite as well, either, and that statement would not be inaccurate.

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But… for a lot of people, stop snoring chin straps are sufficient enough in what they do to help lesson or prevent snoring… and that is really what counts.

SleepWell Pro Chin Strap: Clinical Background And FDA Approval

We did quite a bit of reading on the official product website about this product, and were surprised to find that there are two different languages represented. One of them is English, but we are pretty sure that the information is duplicated so that people of either language can make use of it.

With that being said, we did not find anything at all that leads us to believe that this product has been clinically tested or FDA cleared (though chinstraps, in general, have been clinically tested).

Can There Be Any Side Effects?

The only real side effect you could possibly expect from a product like this is discomfort of some kind while using it. But this device is actually ranked top in the USA for a non-itchy snoring solution for all night comfort… and is made of soft, flexible fabric. Combine this with a more spaced-out design for tension, and you have the makings of what is possibly one of the most comfortable chin straps on the market.

So yeah, the chances of suffering from side effects with this one are pretty low.

How Much Does The SleepWell Pro Snoring Chin Strap Cost?

You can actually order this product from by using this link. And if you purchase it this way, you can buy it for just $15.99 plus shipping, which makes it one of the most affordable stop snoring chin straps that we have ever reviewed.

What Do We Know About The SleepWell Pro Company?

Screenshot of SleepWell Pro websiteThe best way to contact SleepWell Pro is through their official company website. They maintain an e-contact form that you can use to email them directly.

As for a company history, this company seems to be a subset of a company called VOELUX. This company was founded to search for ‘high quality, lightweight, and comfortable posture and orthopedic support products.’

These products are said to be backed by a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. Yes, it may seem too good to be true, but as of the time that this review was written, that’s what their official product page said… so yeah. That’s pretty awesome.
There were only 2 reviews on the official page for the product. One was a good review, and one complained that the product has a ‘new plastic smell.’ So no, this product does not seem to have any scam complaints that we could find. It seems to be a legitimate product offered by a legitimate company.

What Can Users Expect From The SleepWell Pro Anti Snoring Chin Strap?

If you buy this product, it stands to reason that you might need to get used to it by using it for a few nights. But with a bit of practice, you should find it pretty comfortable.

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Does It Require A Doctor’s Involvement Or A Prescription?

No. You can use this device without a doctor’s involvement or a prescription.

Our Verdict

We were actually pretty pleasantly surprised by this product. Granted, it isn’t our favorite device on the market (or even our favorite type of device). But, it did pack in some positive surprises that we weren’t expecting.

For one, the cheap cost. There are literally versions of products similar to this one that cost $50 and up… which, in our opinion, is far too much. So when we saw that this one sells for just $15.99, we were pretty pumped about it.

Secondly, the design itself. We liked how this one doesn’t just support the jaw from one direction. Rather, it pulls both up and back when you wear it, because it is shaped like a triangle… not just a straight strap.

SleepWell Pro Chin Strap sample

We feel like this makes it more supportive than other similar straps on the market… and that, too, is a good thing.

As for downsides… obviously, this product may not work for everyone. Stop snoring chin straps also trade a bit of efficiency for less invasiveness. So, while these devices are less invasive than an MAD or a TSD, they don’t work as well either.

It is not that they are not well designed. It is just the nature of how they are designed. MADs deal with the problem right inside the mouth, which is closer to the throat. That equals greater efficiency than a device that is used outside of the mouth.

We also wish that there were more Amazon reviews for it as well, just so we could see how other people like it.

But, with all of this being said, we didn’t see much of a problem with the SleepWell Pro anti snoring chin strap. All things considered, this one surprised us in a positive way, and might even be worth checking out.

The Costs To Get The SleepWell Pro Chin Strap Shipped To Canada

It will cost you $5.54 to get this product shipped to Canada if you order from

Where Can I Buy This Product If I Live In Canada?

Our favorite option for buying this product, if you live in Canada, is from

Highlights And Drawbacks

Here are the pros and cons that we discovered about this product over the course of our research…

Updated 4.12.2018




  • Very inexpensive
  • Seems very well made
  • Boast a comfortable, unique design
  • Seems to work well
  • Comes with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee


  • May not work for everyone
  • The website actually doesn’t contain a ton of information
  • No clinical trials or evidence
  • There don’t seem to be a lot of customer reviews about it online yet

SleepWell Pro Chin Strap

Summary: Although it may not work for everyone and we didn’t find many reviews on Amazon, we don’t see any obvious problems with the SleepWell Pro anti snoring chin strap.

$15.99 to $19.99
RatingRated 3 stars

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