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What You Need To Know About Smart Nora

Smart Nora is a very interesting product that we’ve lately been turned-on to. You may have heard of this one before, as it has gotten quite a bit of mainstream attention. Naturally, we wanted to do a bit of research about it – to find out what all of the ‘buzz’ was about. The product consists of a small, egg-shaped controller and audio-detector (called a ‘pebble’), which is connected to a different part of the device… which acts sort of like a balloon that inflates and deflates according to how it is prompted by the controller (this is called the ‘pillow insert’).

It is a bit on the expensive side, but it also comes with some very tempting incentives that help to raise the value. So yeah. We had to take a closer look at the Smart Nora.

It also uses a very unique approach to helping people with their snoring problems.

Here is what we learned about it.

Smart Nora Product Classification & Instructions For Use

This is actually a really difficult product to classify. If we had to call it something, we would call it a ‘self-regulating electronic snoring device,’ but to be super-honest, there is not a set-in-stone category for this product. It is REALLY unique – and that is partly what we love about it.

Smart Nora Packaging

As for instructions for use, the product is pretty simple to utilize. You set the Smart Nora pebble close to your bed, and put pillow insert part under your pillow, inside of the pillow-case. You then activate it before you go to bed, and let it do its thing.

How Does The Smart Nora Work?

Ok, so this is where this product starts to get pretty interesting. But before we can really explain how it helps users to stop snoring, we first need to describe what happens to cause snoring in the first place.

Most snoring is caused by soft-palate vibration. This happens when the airway relaxes during sleep. When the airway relaxes, the muscles and tissues of the soft palate ‘close in’ on the airway. This gives you less room to breathe, and also makes you much more likely to ‘vibrate’ the soft tissues in your throat when you sleep.

SmartNora banner

This device, however, seeks to correct this problem in a very unique way.

At first glance, you might think that it is going to do what every other type of snoring device seeks to do, which is to open up the airway by lining up your neck and jaw the right way… but it actually works a lot differently than that.

How Smart Nora Works

When the egg-shaped pebble (which has a built in microphone) hears you snoring, it sends a signal to the inflatable pillow insert, which is stashed underneath your pillow… and that part of the device then inflates for 45 seconds, and then deflates for 15 seconds.

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This stimulates the muscles in your throat, and helps to solve your snoring problem by prompting the natural tightening-up of the tissues surrounding your airway.

Smart Nora in Use

This is how the Smart Nora is said to help stop snoring… and we think that it’s brilliant! We never would have thought of doing it this way, but we really like it.

Smart Nora: Clinical Background And FDA Approval

As far as we can tell, there is no real ‘clinical data’ to back-up the device’s performance. But… there are a lot of really positive reviews. The product was also recently featured on ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ in The Oprah Magazine.

Smart Nora Consumer Reviews

It is not FDA approved, either. But then again… it is not a product that seems to require FDA approval.

Once again, this is kind of a weird device that doesn’t fit into the same parameters as most stop snoring products. So that makes it hard to classify.

Can There Be Any Side Effects?

No. As far as we can tell, there would be no side-effects for using this product. If it didn’t happen to work for you – it just wouldn’t work.

How Much Does The Smart Nora Cost?

The Smart Nora Costs $299 if you order it from the official product website. This does seem a bit high in price… but it is a super-unique product that seems to do a really good job at getting rid of a snoring problem.

But it also has some pretty impressive reviews. Even Oprah has talked about it in her magazine… and that is pretty impressive.

What Do We Know About The Company Behind Smart Nora?

Address And History

This device was developed by a team of designers and engineers who had many years of experience in some of the top design firms in the world. They are a MaRS venture, and are supported by 3,426 Kickstarter Backers.

Screenshot of Smart Nora WebsiteWe were unable to locate a physical address for the Smart Nora company… but the MaRS Reception address is as follows…

MaRS Centre, South Tower

101 College Street, Suite 401

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 1L7

It also seems like the best way to contact the company is via an email contact form on the Smart Nora product web page.

This product comes with not only a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, but also a 1 year limited warranty. This is pretty good protection, as far as we are concerned!

Granted, for a device priced like this, we would have liked to have seen a 60 day product guarantee… but even a 30 day window is better than nothing, and we are super happy that Smart Nora offers this.

No, this is certainly not a scam. This is absolutely a legitimate product, created and sold by a legitimate company.

What Can Users Expect From The Smart Nora Product?

Setting up the Smart Nora is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is connect the different parts together, and set them up by switching them on and adjusting a few easy controls.

Note: Just one more time, for reference, the insert that goes under your pillow is called the ‘pillow insert,’ and the little egg-shaped detector is called the ‘pebble.’

Does The Smart Nora Require A Doctor’s Involvement Or A Prescription?

No. This product does not require a doctor’s involvement or a prescription.

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Our Verdict

We really liked this product. Granted, it is a bit on the expensive side, but we loved how ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ it was. We have never quite seen anything like this before, and are pretty excited to see it hitting the market. This one was quite a hit on Kickstarter, and we always love seeing products come up the pipe like that.

One of the best things about it is probably the fact that it is non-invasive. We really do like mandibular advancement devices and tongue stabilization devices… but some people are not as into these types of products because they do require you to keep something in your mouth while you sleep.

Smart Nora Sample

All things considered, we feel like this could be an awesome addition to the bedroom of any person who suffers from snoring on a regular basis. It is also portable, because the entire thing comes packed in a small, but convenient package that you can take with you.

If you have an extra $299 to spare on a stop snoring product, and really want something unique that will probably help you, then the Smart Nora might be an awesome product for you!

Smart Nora banner

The Costs To Get The Smart Nora Shipped To Canada

You can actually get this product shipped for free to both Canada and the US. Needless to say, we loved this. We love it when Canadians can get free shipping on stop snoring devices like this… so kudos to the Smart Nora on this mark!

Where Can I Buy The Smart Nora If I Live In Canada?

The best place to buy this product is from the official product website.

Highlights And Drawbacks

Here are the upsides and downsides that we discovered as we researched and looked into this product…

Updated 6.12.2018



  • It seems to work very well
  • Very unique product with a unique design
  • It has gotten some pretty rave reviews from surprisingly prolific public figures, including Oprah!
  • Comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Also comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Very minimally invasive


  • It is a bit more expensive than some other stop snoring products on the market
  • It doesn’t look like it has had any clinical testing
  • We would have liked to see a 60 or 90 day money back guarantee instead of a 30 day (but, hey… we will take the 30 day, and are happy that it comes with this)

Smart Nora

Summary: The most unique stop-snoring product we have reviewed to date. Simple and easy to use and from what it looks like effective too. If you have spare $299 we do recommend it!

to $299
RatingRated 4 stars

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