Snoring Remedies That Are Worth Paying For

Snoring Remedies

There is no shortage of snoring-remedy-options in the world today. In fact, there are so many different categories of possible treatment options that it can be tough to remember them all.

There are nasal strips, mandibular advancement devices, tongue retention devices, nasal dilators, stop snoring pillows, etc… the list goes on and on.

But which ones are worth paying for?

It is no secret that the stop snoring industry is a booming one. As people become more sleep deprived, they are willing to pay more to fix the problem. And many stop snoring companies capitalize on this by charging higher prices for their products.

Granted, that is what business is all about – but it also means that we should try to be discerning consumers, and attempt to figure out how to make the best possible use of our money.

So in this blog post, we are going to talk about some categories of snoring products that we think might actually be worth the cost.

Here is what you need to know.

Mandibular Advancement Devices

Mandibular Advancement Devices

We have done a lot of researching and reading about these products. We have even tried several of them ourselves. And yet… the more we learn, the more we are convinced that this is one of the best stop-snoring product categories on the market for your money.

Granted, they might seem expensive at first glance – but they tend to work so well, that they will actually pay for themselves… probably hundreds of time over.

Yes, you do need to keep using them in order for them to work… but averaging out at somewhere close to $70-$90 apiece, you absolutely cannot beat the quality that this remedy can bring to your life and quality of rest.

Tongue Retention Devices

Tongue Retaining Devices

These products are a bit less invasive than Mandibular Advancement Devices. Yet, they operate under the same basic principle – and they do such a good job that it is almost difficult to distinguish the statistics apart from one-another.

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These devices, in theory, are not as likely to be effective as MADs… but they are close! They are also in the same price range, and are not nearly as big or as bulky… so they boast a range of positives that may make them even more appealing than their MAD counterparts to some.

A Gym Membership

Gym Membership

This might seem like a strange addition to this blog post – but hear us out.

Lifestyle changes can often do more to help your snoring problem than anything. And since soft palate vibration (the most common cause of snoring) often correlates with being obese or overweight, then it only makes sense that losing weight might be the best way to go if you really want to fix your snoring problems long-term.

A gym membership will give you a place to work out, will help you to stay motivated, will allow you to burn more calories than you could at home, and will give you a wider range of workout options than you would ever have otherwise.

So if you really want to do yourself a favor in getting over your snoring problem, sign up today… and start shedding some extra weight so that you can tackle the root causes of your snoring problems for good!

Nasal Strips

Nasal Strips

Nasal strip are not our favorite snoring solution – but they are here for one very specific reason.

They are very cheap.

Granted, they only help to treat nasal snoring – but they also help to promote nasal breathing, and buying just one pack of them to try is worth the money – because if they end up working, you won’t be out the larger expenditure for a more expensive product.

Again, they may not work. But at least this is a cost effective option to rule-out. At roughly $1 per day, nasal strips offer you quite a bit of value for the price – when they work.

New Pillows

New Anti-Snoring Pillows

There are two reason for why buying new pillows might prove to be an effective solution for snoring. For one, they can help to cut down on allergies, because new pillows don’t have so much dust inside of them.

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And secondly, you can use them to prop yourself up so that you do not lay on your back – which can also help you to avoid snoring as much. Sleeping on your back makes you much more susceptible to problems like soft palate vibration, so that is most definitely something to consider.

Want to get really ahead of the game? Spend more and buy a stop-snoring pillow. It may do even more good than buying regular pillows!

Keep coming back as it is very likely that we’ll add even more snoring remedies as we continue with our research and product testing.

Updated 7.12.2018


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