Stop Snoring Chin Straps

Stop snoring chin straps are a fairly straightforward anti-snoring product that have found an interesting place in the niche. Basically, they are a piece of fabric (usually stretchy and durable) that stretches around the jaw and around the head, as if to keep the mouth closed.

Many of them are adjustable, and fasten with Velcro to stay tight. They are designed to be worn during sleep to help prevent snoring (we will talk about how they accomplish this in just a minute), and are, in general, a pretty low-maintenance snoring remedy.

Some of them have holes in the sides for the ears to pop through. But some do not have ear holes. There are quite a few different types on the market. Some are more generic, and some are more like name-brand products. They also range in price… with some of them costing over $100.

How Are Anti-snoring Chin Straps Meant To Work?

The basic idea behind the stop snoring chin strap is that it is supposed to work by keeping the lower jaw closed and pulled forward. This helps to treat the root cause of what they call ‘mouth snoring,’ which is soft palate vibration.

How Stop Snoring Chin Straps Work

When snoring occurs in the back of the throat, what is really happening is this. The soft, loose tissue of the soft palate can tend to relax even more during sleep, which can make it hang down and obstruct the airway. This means that the air must flow through faster, which results in a motion that vibrates this tissue. This is what actually makes the sounds that we associate with ‘snoring.’

The stop snoring chin strap, however, is designed to do two things. First of all, it was designed to keep the lower mouth closed during sleep, thus preventing mouth breathing. And secondly… it was designed to help keep the jaw pulled forward slightly… which helps to open up the back of the airway by keeping the tissues of the soft palate pulled just a little bit tighter.

By combining these effects, the stop snoring chin strap is supposed to help prevent (or at least lessen) incidences of mouth snoring.

Keep in mind that mouth snoring is a bit different from nose snoring. Nasal snoring is less common, but the stop snoring chin strap device does not help that type. In fact, it might make things worse if you snore through your nose, by not allowing you to breathe through your mouth.

Do We Believe That This Method Works?

The stop snoring chin strap certainly has some evidence to support it… but it is also a less technical method than a mandibular advancement device, or a tongue retention device. The stop snoring chin strap basically attempts to use the same basic logic to solve the snoring problem as these other types of devices… but it does so in a less-technical way.

Because of this, it is not quite as efficient.

But, this also comes with some upsides. It is also much less invasive, because it does not require you to put anything in your mouth.

This, in itself, is enough of an upside to make it appeal more to some people.

Overall, we like this type of product if you are not interested in an MAD or a tongue retention device. It isn’t quite as good, but it will sometimes help to accomplish the same thing… depending on the case.

The Positives

The upsides to this product are as follows…

  • Less invasive than some other types of products
  • The generic versions are pretty inexpensive
  • They will work with the most common type of snoring
  • They tend to get pretty good results and have a decent track record

The Negatives

Here are the downsides most commonly associated with stop snoring chin straps…

  • The name-brand versions seem overpriced
  • Some people may be put-off by how the products look
  • It can be difficult to get used to wearing them
  • They don’t tend to work as well as some other types of devices

Who Should Use This Product, And When?

Anyone over the age of 18 should be able to use this product. There isn’t much that is dangerous or risky about this one. It is surprisingly low-maintenance, so pretty much any adult could use it. People who are nasal snorers, however, will probably notice that this product might make sleeping more difficult.

Also, the main point of the product is that you would tend to use it at night.

Who Should Avoid This Type Of Product?

People under the age of 18, and people who tend to nasal snore, are really the only people who probably shouldn’t use this product. As this can be difficult to figure out for some, you might need to just give it a try and see if it works for you.

You might also not be a huge fan of this product if you don’t want to wear a chin-strap to bed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we do like the stop snoring chin strap products… but they have their limitations. They are a good product to try if you are not quite sure about committing to an MAD or tongue retention device… so that puts them into a useful and unique niche.


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