Stop Snoring Medications

There are quite a few different types of medications on the market right now that could, in theory, help you to stop snoring. Some of them are specifically designed for this purpose, and some help by treating the causes/symptoms separately. There are a lot of different essential oil/herbal supplements that are designed to help you treat the causes and symptoms of snoring, as well as tablets that fall more under the ‘medication’ label.

People sometimes prefer medications to other stop snoring methods because they are an easier fix than using devices. Using an MAD or nasal strips, for example, require you to put some effort into the process by applying the strips, or putting the device into your mouth and keeping it in during sleep, etc.

But medications are easy. You just pop them into your mouth (or apply the essential oil), and you are good to go.

How Are Stop Snoring Medications Meant To Work?

Most stop snoring medications help via one of the following methods. Some of them fall under the ‘aromatherapy’ category. These would include essential oils, or any type of product that would help to break up congestion. These types of products are pretty popular right now, and can do an especially good job of treating nasal snoring that is caused by allergies or congestion.

SnoreStop Fast TabsThe other type would fall more under the ‘medication’ label (an example would be SnoreStop Fast Tabs). These generally are intended to help by somehow affecting the airway and soft palate, which is usually the area associated with most cases of snoring.

When the tissues in the soft palate relax during sleep, they can tend to collapse in on the airway and create resistance. Then, when breathing occurs, they may vibrate – which is what causes the sounds that we have come to know as ‘snoring.’

So these types of medications are usually formulated to temporarily shrink these tissues, in an attempt to make them tighter, and to lessen the odds of snoring occurring. Some of them need to be taken or used every night, while others are said to not be required quite so often. It depends on the type of medication.

Do We Believe That Stop Snoring Medications Work?

We have looked at quite a few different stop snoring medications. And in our experience, these types of products can help – though they are perhaps not as likely to do the trick as a mechanically-based product (like a mandibular advancement device) that actually advances the jaw or holds the nostrils open (like nasal strips).

In our experience, you are actually more likely to see positive results with lifestyle changes than with stop snoring medications. But… when used in conjunction with lifestyle changes, stop snoring medications can actually help to speed up the results.

Losing weight, observing more regular sleeping/waking times, not sleeping on your back, and sleeping with a quality pillow (or even better, a stop snoring pillow) can all be changes that, if used together, can add up to bigger advances in the quality of your sleep… and a stop snoring medication can add to this.

The Positives

Here are the upsides to using Stop Snoring Medication…

  • They are easy to take
  • They are usually pretty inexpensive
  • They rarely pose any side effect risk
  • They are accessible and portable
  • The vast majority of them do not require a prescription

The Negatives

Here are some of the downsides to using Stop Snoring Medications…

  • They may not always work
  • Some types may pose some small side effect risk
  • Other remedies, including lifestyle changes, are often more effective

Who Would Want To Use This Type Of Treatment, And When?

Adults who snore, who do not want to mess with any other type of stop snoring device or remedy, may benefit the most from this type of stop-snoring product. You may also find some great products in this category among common essential oils and the like… so if you are a big fan of holistic medicine, you might be more inclined to take this route.

Who Should Avoid This Type Of Product?

Kids and teenagers should probably avoid using some of these types of products… though in some cases, essential oils and the like are still fine for use in younger people. This type of product is also not going to be very good for anyone who might be sensitive to any active ingredients.

Before using any medications, over the counter, holistic, or prescription, it is a good idea to review the side effect information, as well as what types of drugs might provoke bad interactions with the medication you have chosen to use.

Final Thoughts

Stop snoring medications are not our favorite snoring remedy. In our opinion, there are other remedies that can do a lot more good. We feel that tongue retention devices are some of the best stop snoring products out there, and that mandibular advancement devices are probably close to second-best.

We would also promote basic lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, over medications for snoring.

But, stop snoring medications can be helpful, especially if they are used in conjunction with other anti-snoring products. They may not be the best thing out there, but they give you more hope of fixing the problem than doing nothing – and some people do have decent luck with them.


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