The Pillar Procedure for Snoring

If you have ever done much reading or studying about stop-snoring methods or treatments, then you have likely heard of the Pillar Procedure. The Pillar Procedure is one of the most-talked-about stop-snoring surgeries in existence… but it is also hailed as one of the most effective.

Snoring surgeries have a mixed reputation in the field of snoring remedies, however. On one hand, they are capable of helping some people to stop snoring forever. They can provide a one-time fix that might end some cases of snoring, which can save time, money, hassle, embarrassment, and trouble in the long run.

But… the downside is that snoring surgeries do not always work. Sometimes they don’t completely solve the snoring problem. And if this is the case, you might be out of pocket the cash for the procedure (unless you can get insurance to pay for it) without any noticeable benefits.

Here is some information about the Pillar Procedure that you might want to know if you are thinking about getting it done.

How Does The Pillar Procedure Work?

The Pillar Procedure is known as a ‘safe and effective treatment designed to help you stop snoring.’ (As described on

This procedure basically involves having tiny implants inserted into the soft palate. These implants are like small rods, and they basically help to ‘stiffen’ the tissues in the airway. This helps to treat the root cause of most cases of snoring… soft palate vibration.

How Does Pillar Procedure Work

The procedure is very easy to perform, actually… and only takes about 20 minutes. It can even be performed using only local anesthetic… so you can be in and out, and immediately start to enjoy the benefits of better sleep.

There have been a lot of clinical studies done on the procedure, and there is a pretty solid history of patients experiencing a significant decrease in their snoring intensity after getting it done.

Do We Believe That This Method Works?

We have some mixed feelings about the Pillar Procedure. First of all, we absolutely cannot deny that it does have some pretty attractive clinical trial results… and we also know that a lot of people have really good experiences with it. We also know that it is pretty minimally invasive, as far as surgeries go… so that is also a plus.

The treatment was approved by Health Canada back in 2006, giving Canadians access to the FDA approved treatment… and ever since, it has been helping people to overcome their snoring problems. It can even be used to treat obstructive sleep apnea, in some cases… so that is another good thing about it.

We do feel like this could be a good option for some, but it is important to get your doctor’s approval before you start looking into it. Only your physician can tell you if you are a good candidate for the procedure, and this is an important conversation to have… because not everyone is well-suited to it.

The Positives

Here are the basic upsides for those looking into the procedure…

  • It can provide a basically permanent solution to snoring problems
  • In some cases, it can be obtained free of charge
  • It has a very good track record
  • It is minimally invasive as far as surgical procedures go

The Negatives

Here are some of the downsides to the procedure…

  • It can be an expensive option in some cases
  • Not everyone is a good candidate for it
  • Even if you get it, there is not necessarily a guarantee that it will work
  • For some people, other remedies might actually work better

Who Should Try This Treatment?

If you suffer from pretty severe snoring or sleep apnea, and are interested in a one-time fix that could permanently help to control the problem, then the Pillar Procedure may be right for you. There are other factors that can also determine if you are a good candidate or not – but these are better left up to your physician to decide.

Your doctor can review your problem, collect the facts surrounding your specific case, and tell you whether or not you would make a good candidate for the procedure. If your doctor approves it, then you can move forward with it. If not… then rest assured that there is likely a good reason for it, and that you might want to pursue some different snoring remedies in the interim – as it is still very important to treat your symptoms, so that you can continue to sleep well during the night.

Who Should Avoid This Type Of Product?

Figuring out whether or not you are a good candidate for the Pillar Procedure basically involves an examination of the causes for your snoring problem, and an examination of your soft palate. If your doctor determines that your upper airway/soft palate is causing your snoring problems, then he/she will likely approve you for the procedure.

If not, then the procedure would likely not benefit you anyway – and thus, would not be worth it.

Our Final Thoughts

The Pillar Procedure has its downsides – but if you want a permanent solution to pursue that may effectively end your snoring problems for the foreseeable future… then this may very well be the perfect option for you. It is a bit more expensive and more invasive than most other remedies… but it might really do the trick in the long run… and that can be a huge relief if you have been suffering from snoring problems for a long time.


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